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lúithe usually as name of some engine of war, perh. battering-ram
2 mes(s)e (?) boiled, cooked; ram or wether
molt a ram , wether; wether-lamb; a nut as large as a ram's head?; a ram 's pelt
moltán a small ram
1 os(s) a bovine animal of any kind; a wild ox = a deer, stag; early obsol.; a deer-fence; a judgement about deer; a doe; deer-cattle, a herd of deer; deer-flesh; a deer-calf, fawn; deer-skin; a ram
1 rám the act of rowing; course, career
2 rám oar
3 rám branch (?); column (of writing); section, part
1 ráma, rám 1
reithe 1a ram 2a battering-ram 3 boats used as fireships