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1 cenn 1The human head, head of an animal; in sense, reason, head and body; Of a head of hair; Cathead; Wolfhead; Horsehead; Snakehead; Of the head cut off in battle; front legs; head-wound, serious wound; mouth.; completely; utterly, entirely; headlong; head first; owl; billow, breaker; appears; Of buildings roof; a ribbed vault, a groined roof; covers, tops 2 End, end-point, termination.; sheaves; Of territories; Of the end or completion of an affair, etc. 3Of persons, chief, head person, leader.; battle-leader; headquarters, centre; end, goal 4 towards, in the direction of, to meet; for, to fetch; in the future, afterwards, later; next, following, ensuing; below, in what follows; later, following; in front of, before; awaiting, ready for, in anticipation of; of time in store for; face to face, at grips; to the end, to completion; till the end of, for the duration of; in return for, for the sake of, instead of, on condition of, because of, for; a quid pro quo; towards, against, for; within, during; about, concerning, with regard to, for the sake of, etc.; finishes, completes; falls down, topples; to, in the direction of, towards, against; in addition to; adds to; in competition or rivalry with, in preference to; at the head of for purpose of leading; in store for, destined; at the end of; together; simultaneously; successively; about, around; about, concerning, with regard to; in control of, in charge of; over and above, in addition to; overthrows, upsets, turns upside down; on behalf of, for the sake of, in return for, in lieu of, because of, for, etc.; in spite of, in violation of; notwithstanding; nevertheless; Of begetting offspring by a woman in spite of or unknown to her husband; notwithstanding the fact that, although; head-covering