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Last Revised: 2019


I As adj. o, ā. sure, certain, fixed, determinate: nipi fírd.¤ a n-adchither tri themel, Wb. 12c12 . ni ssluindi . . . aimsir deirb, Sg. 66b18 . do slund aimsire deirbbæ, 15 . dofoirṅde persain deirb a determinate person, 72a1 . nídad fessa ┐ nídad derba scela ┐ senchasa fher nErenn conigi Cimbaeth, MacCarthy 280.27 ( BB 9b21 ). bás d.¤ aimser inderb, LL 371a12 . gnim d.¤ a certain fact, Metr. Dinds. iii 376.6 . dá bráthair derbha `two own brothers' (= dá derbráthair), CCath. 2050 . Sure, steady, firm: hi tempul d.¤ dímais, Fél. Feb. 2 . Of persons: Findlug d.¤ , ib. Jan. 3 . Compar. indad fil slondudh bas derbu have you any more exact appellation? TBC-I¹ 1120(LU). With cop. in asseverations, absol. or folld. by clause (generally direct): is d.¤ is fír on, Wb. 25d10 . is d.¤ ni biaidh ith i n-úir, ZCP viii 111.25 . is d.¤ nacha-t-acut, PH 4663 . With cop. omitted: dearbh as misi Suibhne, BS 38.17 . d.¤ na celtar in comlund, LL 199b10 (Met. Dinds. iv 24.22). is d.¤ limm I am (feel) sure , gl. spero, Wb. 14c13 . is d.¤ linn nonsoírfea, 24c18 . ní d.¤ linn . . . in senchas we are not certain as to the story, Ml. 52 . gur dhearbh leis buaidh do bhreith he felt sure of winning, TSh. 42 . is dearbh dhó bheith saor he is sure to be free, 8154 .

Adv. in deurb (gl. inquam used in asreveration), Ml. 18d25 , 70b2 . co d.¤ , CRR 5 .

Frequent in chevilles, with or without cop.: is d.¤ de, SR 159 . d.¤ la cach, 4889 . dearbh dhuibh, Keat. ii 440 .

II As subst. (cf. ar d.¤ gl. pro certo, Ml. 39b4 ): ata a dherbh agad nach foil trócairi fád choinne thou knowest for certain, Mac Aingil 69.6 . ni thsailim ach ag Dia a derbh | an téid oinmid a n-ifern only God knows, B. Fermoy (23 E 29) 117.23 . a n-aiccenta ┐ a nderbha their natures and characteristics, CCath. 4631 .

Compds. Used largely to form compds. of more or less stable nature.

(a) With adjs. surely, really, truly, or as mere intens. prefix: ¤deimin downright certain, CCath. 4822 . ¤dethidech circumspect: ó duthrachtaib dilsi . . . derbhdeithidecha Domnaill, MR 300.18 . Dia -dil, SR 1502 . ¤dub pitch-black , Rawl. 78b4 . ¤glan (of the Trinity), SR 7570 . ¤irisside: roba deirbhirisidhe dia thuistidhibh truly faithful, attached , Hugh Roe 4.14 (fol. 1a) . fálti -thairisi, Rawl. B 512 111a .

(b) With substantives sure, certain, reliable; genuine; own, special; freq. with words denoting kindred, etc. , with which it forms stable compds. (treated below as distinct words). ¤ḟis scéoil sure tidings, SR 1958 . ba -rēt a certainty , 2270 . in -chlann . . . is diless do Patraic, Trip. 68.9 ( Trip.² 717 ). ni gnáth -gul gan dérguba genuine grief, MR 238.21 .

With vbs. in sense of adv. really, actually: ro -dilod, Laws i 94.5 (etym. gl. on dia nderlaither, 90.z ). anī deirbcennaiges budēin 'which he "certainly purchases" himself', CB 176 § 55 gl. 3 .