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1 do 1 to that end, for that purpose; In follg. in sense of Eng. as (lit. for the purpose of being, to serve as) 2 advises; praises; I am concerned with him, have to deal with him; I am angry with him, have something against him; why (does) he . . . ?; whence are ye?
1 do-alla Takes away, steals, strips away, cuts off; loses hope, despairs of
1 do-ben cuts away, takes away, deprives of, etc.
1 do-cain 1 chants, recites (a spell, incantation or magic formula) 2 sings
1 do-eim 1 covers, shelters, hides 2 protects, defends; protects from, against
1 do-ella 1 turns aside, deviates, bends; Esp. in moral sense goes astray, errs, degenerates; turns to, takes to (usually in bad sense); turns on, assails; takes after, resembles 2 turns aside, deflects 3Esp. as gramm. term declines;
1 do-ellai(n)g puts into, makes entry.
1 do-érig 1 leaves, abandons, forsakes
1 do-es(s)uirg Saves, rescues
1 do-fich punishes; avenges.
1 do-goa Chooses, elects, selects
1 do-ingair 1 calls (by a name) 2 entreated
1 do-lá puts away, expels, rejects; discharges, remits (debts, etc.)
1 do-midethar Weighs, measures, estimates; Guesses, solves a riddle; Adjudges; weighs, deliberates; Calculates, plans, attempts; Deems, judges, considers
1 do-nessa spurns, despises
1 do-nig washes
1 do-rá I will bring; it will carry
1 do-rorban 1 comes, arrives, happens to, reaches.2 profits, advantages, helps.
1 do-tlen takes away, steals; deprives of, cheats
1 do-tuit 1 Falls out 2Transf. falls, abates, subsides: 3Esp. falls, perishes, is killed;4In theol. sense of transgression 5 falls (into a state, under a rubric, etc.) 6 falls (to the lot, share, etc., of)7 falls upon, comes upon; devolves on 8 falls, lapses, is forfeited or lost 9that is my wish, object