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1 menn , mend

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Forms: menn, meann, mend

o, ā. adj. of doubtful meaning, apparently clear, evident, visible: menn [meann E.] .i. forreil, O'Dav. 1276. meann .i. follas, O'Cl. ba meann .i. ba follus, Stowe Gl. 254.

(a) as pred. of cop.: ba menn [mend F.] . . . for nim roclos a hitge, Hy. v 16 (glossed .i. ba follus; `it was clear . . . that her prayer had been heard', Thes.); cf. ib. 63 . bid mend inar n-imchomruic-ni ón ┐ bid m.¤ inar n-imscarad, LL 113b20 = IT i 104.7 (i.e. our encounter and our parting will prove it). ba mend ina ló dāla | d'Aedán `that was clear on his day of death to A.', RC xiii 395.20 . Cf. Wb. 9c34 , where MS. reads: bid menn and (see 1 menann). leath .vii. cumala i n-esce bes mend i n-arm no a n-etach visible, conspicuous (?), H 3.18 p. 189b ( O'Curry 341 ), glossed .i. bes forreill and, cf. O'Dav. 1276 ; see, however, citation from H. 3.18 under 4 menn.

(b) as attrib.

(1) of persons conspicuous, remarkable, notable ? matud mógda merda mend (of Goliath), SR 5753. Midir mend, Ériu vii 224.21 . co Conuing meann mbocḟoclach, Anecd. i 33 § 63 (= 2 menn?). ros-nocht in mer mend `the bright, nimble lady', Metr. Dinds. iv 128. athair na macc meann ` powerful ', Todd Nenn. p. cvi 10 .

Similarly of places: Mumha meann, R.I.A. 23 E 26, 31 ; cf. ar meann-Mumain, BB 271a11 = ar bheind Mumhaine, Leb. Cert. 68.3 .

(2) of things: ó sin amach co brāth mend, Acall. 2685 (`until the very Judgement', SG ii 170 ; all-manifesting, that brings all to light? or notable?). ó niugh go bráth meann, R.I.A. 23 E 26, 38 .

Of sounds: uissi ūs menn imacain `the lark sings clear tidings', Four Songs 12 § 14 . mend medras coi, Corm. Y 662 (adv.). fomm-chain cói menn medair mass, Thes. ii 290.9 ( Sg. 204 ). Cf. tiompáin dá mhaoidheamh a dtéidchrot meann, TD 35.8 (prob. inversion for: a dtéid meannchrot, ed.).

Of liquids, clear, limpid, pellucid? cuirm ind rind mend mall, ACL iii 307 § 20. ól meda mind, LL 276b14 . Cf. Doraid (.i. rig) Muman mid co mend, 43a36 . Common epithet of the sea (somet. by translators referred to 2 menn, mend): tonn medrach mend, LU 2979. muir medrach mend, 3000 . anfud mílach mend, 3018 . oc Mana os muir mend, LL 11b3 (`the clear sea', Leb. Gab.(i) i 182 , `the great sea', Keat. i p. 214 ). dar muir mend, RC xiii 74.6 = LL 302b31 (` inarticulate ', SG ii 413 ). réimm mora mind `the coursing of a clear sea', Thes. ii 290.5 ( Sg. 112 ). tonn mara mind, SR 7906. do thuind mara mind `of the Irish Sea', Metr. Dinds. iii 122. tar muir na mend `across the Irish (?) Sea', BCC § 344. Muir Meann the Irish Sea , Ériu ii 76 (apparently a mod. name, not given in Hog. Onom. ).