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1 nád

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Forms: nach, nád, nár, nad, nach

rel. particle used in neg. sentences, also written nát, nad, nat ; used in O.Ir. and earlier Mid.Ir. for 2 ná in certain position ( Thurn. Hdb. § 779 , § 853 , § 854 ), later superseded by nach. With ro- forms of vb. both nád ro and nár are used.

(a) in nom. relation (leniting follg. initial) : dund óis nad chaithi cach tuari, Wb. 6c11 . is dreecht díib nad ro chreit, 5c2 . is crann crín nad déni thoil ind ríg he who doth not the will of the king, Thes. ii 294.28 ( SP iv 1 ). féil fir nád char corplén, Fél. June 22 . nach ní . . . nad rabi i firinne na nEbraide, Hib. Min. 10.337 . in firion atcobra na huile beatusa . . . ┐ nad n-accombra ind-ulcc, 13.431 (eclipsis is unusual in sentences of this type). in fhairend nat carut in tsualaig-se, PH 5929 (elsewhere ná and nach are used in PH).

With copula : ní nad dír what is not fitting, Ml. 25a6 . indí nád ní libsi that which ye deem nothing, Wb. 8a18 . ro selgatar rótu | nád soréid la báethu [a thing] which fools deem not easy, Fél. Prol. 30. naímdemail nad charddemail sain, TBC-LL¹ 6010. ate donadmand . . . nadad cora do nadmaim (sic leg.) `which are not rightfully bound', Laws iv 60.15 . tri deirg-mireanda naidet usa a mbelaib cacha hecalsa, v 430.22 .

Exceptionally with inf. pron. (instead of nach) : la nech nadid-chreti that does not believe it, Wb. 15b14 . Cf. a dó . . . nada-scribthar which are not written, Hib. Min. 8.247 .

(b) in acc. relation : duthluchetar ní nad tardatis something they had not given, Ml. 85d5 . in ní nad cumcu-sa ? is it a thing I cannot do ? 18b5 . a nat denat ar magistir what our masters do not, Wb. 15d6 . ní nad roichet Ulaid uli rosoichi-siu th'óenur, FB 11. mor seol suilig, mor sreth séis | nad róig tuirim which reckoning reaches not, SR 512 (tuirim for tuirem metri gratiâ), cf. mor cet ceol nat roich tuirem, LB 109b10 . Lucia . . . nád cumscaigset míli `whom thousands moved not', Fél. Feb. 6. clesrada . . . nad roeglaind ac nech aile which he had not learnt from any one else, TBC-LL¹ 3742.

(c) local relation (time or place) : ní fil aimsir nad mbed in which he was not, Ml. 17a15 . is and nad bí muí na taí, LU 10848 = IT i 132.35 ; these exx. might be referred to 2 nád.