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1 nem 1the sky or physical heaven; seven heavens supposed to encompass (or be super- jacent to) the earth; sky in general 2 heaven, the abode of the blest; a religious or cleric 3a ceiling
1 nem- 1 harmlessness; a non-computer; not being; wrong (injustice); non-indulgence; non-fulfilment; non-participation, indifference; immutability; not looking,; lack of vigour; not deserting; indigestion; ignorance; indifference; lack of trust, suspicion; non-entrance; impersonal form; lack of diffidence, boldness; unnatural; unburied; invisible; harmless, innocent; not old; immortal; infrangible; unallowed; guiltless; immeasurable, beyond reckoning; incomprehensible; incomprehensible; footless; unbelieving; infinite; unwithered, unfading; unleavened; ungodly; inextinguishable; not dear; unfaithful; indeclinable; unreal; unworthy; irrational; clear, manifest; uncorrupted; undefiled; moonless; not feeble; not keen-sighted; unobservant, unheeding; untruthful; un- righteous; indivisible; imperfect; boundless (of the ocean); unexpected; unprepared; ample, unstinted; not fair, swarthy; unwise; not secure (?); unusual, unwonted; regardless of consequences, reckless; unavoidable; not the same, different; unevenly, irregularly; not strange; unenergetic; illiterate; faultless; unblamed, blameless; unforgiving; inexorable; not mortal; un- rusting; unflagging; unfriendly; un- abashed, bold, shameless; non-refusing?; consenting to; sinless; harmless; ungentle; nig- gardly; unsightly; un- wearied; unanxious; unprofitable; indefi- nite; transitory, mortal; unsubdued; undaunted; unfruitful (?); waveless; uncultivated; not weak, strong; unconquered; unmerciful; uncorrupted; bold, insolent; beardless; encouraged