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Forms: ort, ordd, ord, órd, úirt, úrt, ord

n o, m. (Lat. ordo; a learned loan-word , Pedersen Vgl. Gr. i 225 ) O.Ir. n s. ort, ordd, ord; órd, Wb. 9c17 . (cheville) ord ngle, Ériu xxi 151 § 5 . g s. úirt, 13b26 . d s. úrt, ib. 27 . ord (ó dhá chéill), IGT Dec. § 67.

Corresponds in general to Lat. ordo and translates that word, Wb. 13b26 , Ml. 42b12 , Sg. 25b4 , 215a2 . ord ab ordine , Corm. Y 1008. gl. ordo, Ir. Gl. 943. inna huird, gl. ordines, Gild. Lor. 235.

(a) order, sequence (of time, place or other principle of gradation), usual sense in Ml. and Sg. ord suidigtho á sailm the order of arrangement, Ml. 111c4 . ní sechetar ord oc suidiu they do not follow the (proper) order (i.e. they place the second first), 19b11 . ordd abbgitir dorat forsna consona alphabetical order, Sg. 23b5 . dechor n-uird i n-arim fil indib (sc. in `prior' and `primus'), 41b7 . anmmann uirdd nouns of order (i.e. ordinals), ib. in t-ord inna caiptel . . . is é ord . . . file forsna félib (= the chapters follow the order of the festivals), Fél. Prol. 333. ciasi ord fil forna psalmu? inn ord toiniuda fa int ord frescabala fa ind ord cetail? descending order or ascending order or order of chanting, Hib. Min. 6.196 , 197 ; cf. tri huird . . . .i. ord n-aineda ┐ ord fresgabala ┐ ord cumaisc, Laws v 26.13 Comm. iarsind urd dochúatar . . . for nem (= in the order of their deaths), Fél. Prol. 279. foídis S. iat iar n-urd one after another, in turn, FB 66. i n-urdd in order (sequence), Sg. 212a2 . ro indisetar sin uli do reir uird, PH 200. do réir uird a ngeinemhna in the order of their birth, TSh. 450. d'éis a uird `in the next place', Metr. Dinds. iii 452.37 .

(b) order, arrangement, state, way, course, procedure : nípu lib int órd so this practice (of going to law), Wb. 9c17 . secht- ordd an arrangement in sevens, LL 248b38 ( TBFr. 71 ). is ord grene ar etrochtaigi, 371a43 . cestnaigthir do forcraid na foltni ┐ na n-ingen cía ord bias forru isind esérgi?, LU 2574 ( RC xxv 240 § 12 ). tabair an ord as ail let forri dispose of her as thou wilt, RC xiii 9.17 . córaigium uile ord ar mbethad our way of life, PH 7882. ní hé an t-ord caingne cubhaidh the proper method of discussion, Content. xxiv 3. Iobhail ar a lorg . . . don ríoghain nochar ord é `no fit treatment for that queen', Dán Dé ii 15. mar atchonairc C. a chomalta . . . i n-urd a imgabala trying to avoid him, MR 300 z . a n-urd a n-adaltrais in the act of, TTebe 1053 . cidh be bhrisfes an cháin-se . . . is ifrionn ina (a n- v.l.) ord-san úaim-se, Ériu v 94.35 . Cf. ord .i. dliged . . . ord cobhruinne `custom', O'Dav. 1309 . Prob. in this sense in chevilles: ní thoracht Art aidble uird, LU 4169. TFerbe 841 . cath Cinn Abrat, huathmar ord, ZCP xii 378.17 .

In sense of good order, regular procedure : iar fagbáil cech reda do reir uird isin mainistir, RC xxv 398 § 16. Of battle array? derggfaide bar rind . . . bid áigsech bar n-ord, LL 306a10 = SG 384.6 . i cath Eille ar moch-ord áig `in fight early arrayed', Metr. Dinds. iii 266.15 .

(c) order, degree, rank : is hé m'ort inso, gl. apostolus et magister gentium, Wb. 29d25 . ni imbresnat mo gníma fri m'ort et mo thogairm, ib. 2 ; cf. 23b18 , 21 ; edd. Thes. trans- late `rank' in above exx., but possibly the sense is calling, function, see (e). it e dā n-ord filet for ainglib, stantes et ministrantes, PH 6221. Freq. of celestial hierarchy: tresna .ix. n-ordaib, gl. propter novem ordines [angelorum], Gild. Lor. 144. atat noi n-uird ┐ noi ngraid for anglib, PH 6233. ar neamh na n-ord, Oss. iv 58 y .

Hence in wide sense an order, class (of persons having a common status or calling): don ord ḟiledh, Sitzungsb. Pr. Akad. v 92 § 14 . o rig ┐ o aithech, o thigerna ┐ o mogaid . . . o fheraib ┐ o mnaib, cip e toltnaigfes don chomdid i n-aen-urd díb-sin, PH 4014. an t-ord aingeal, Dán Dé xiv 16. don ord éigeas, Content. xiv 9.

(d) rank, dignity, honour ? i cath Bealaigh D. . . . adbath a ord re haen-uair `his dignity', MacCarthy 414.5 ( BB 50a25 ). ni facbaitis ni dia n-urd | macne Durthecht a mMurbulg, ZCP viii 218.5 , cf. 333.23 . Magh nAoi co n-áille uird `beauty of rank' (?), BS 106.26 . a lec Chuana . . . maith ord in c[h]ruidh rod-cennaigh, | ocht fir déc do gléiri glan, Ériu ii 166.58 . in aircinnech is grad uird hé (i.e. an honorary title without clerical functions?), Rawl. B 506 f. 21a ( O'D. 2260 ).

(e) functions, duty, task (of an individual or class): `Deog dam, a phopa Maic Cecht!' for Conaire. `Ní hé ord ro ngabus úait ém' for Mac C. `tabairt digi dait. . . . In t-ord ro ngabus- [s]a uait to [= do] imditiu', BDD 145. `Ara chenn dait, a Ḟergais!' or cach. `Aicc' ol F. `ni hord erosa' it is no easy task, TBC-LL¹ 2157. nā ro thairmisced . . . na hapstalu do urd a proceptai ┐ denma firt, PH 7861. ni hord aegaire codlud, MR 170.16 , cf. ib. 5 . an géagbile . . . mairg dan órd a innsai- ghidh woe to him whose lot it is to assail him, Caithr. Thoirdh. 64.4 . a lec mór . . . do déchain ni hord uabhair to behold thee does not kindle pride, Ériu ii 166.54 . ? trummae in t-ord sin, a bráthair, bad messe dod-gné that task is heavy, brother, let me do it, Ériu iii 102 § 27b (Rule of Ailbe).

(f) rule, regulation, ordinance, institution : ord bertha, Mon. Tall. § 27. is e ord in phósta ord Dé, PH 7771. in ord brei- themnachta `the laws of the Brehons', Laws i 16.15 . a hurd Feine ┐ aicnidh `by the ordination of the F. and of nature', v 466.21 . ba hord isind aimsir sin ná téged in rí fein isin cath, ZCP viii 317.18 . suí in úird cechtardha idon Roman ┐ na nGaidel `doctor of either Law, namely of the R. and of the G.', AU ii 60.8 , cf. AFM ii 956.17 . i n-urd bairdni (= in metrical rule), Auraic. 1937. Of Rule of a religious community: Amra Plea . . . is e a ord-side fil ic muindtir Brigte its Rule is fol- lowed by B.'s community, Fél. 64.30 . do foglaim uird Pedair ┐ Poil, ib. 31 .

(g) ritual, office (of the Church): forácaib P. a lebar n-uird ┐ baptismi, Trip. 104.26 . bat mebrach sind noebscriptuir | in tan geba ord, ACL iii 313 § 13. iar n-eitsecht n-uird aiffrinn, AU iii 462.19 . Freq. in pl.: dorigne orddu na cásc, Trip. 120.11 . saccart . . . fri hurdu do grés to perform divine offices, Ériu iii 106 § 43. dobhéra Maodhócc . . . iomainn, uird ┐ aiffrind, BNnÉ 263 § 224. ord ceilibartha `liturgy', Fl. Earls 100.9 . ord coniuration `exorcism', 136.10 . órd an anma `ceremony of conferring the name' (on a chief), AFM vi 1928.23 .

(h) clerical ordination, holy orders , esp. in expression: aes uird = a. gráid clergy : aes uird is cheóil, LL 201b19 . atát int oes uird . . . issinn eclais, Ériu i 44.11 . lucht uird clergy, Eochairsg. 30.18 .

(i) a religious order or community : mainistir . . . ┐ ord arsaidh . . . craibhtech innte, BNnÉ 58.1 . a comḟogcus uirdd crabuid, Maund. 212. 'na shuidhe ar bhord . . . is ní dá ord 'na fhochair `some of his brethren' (of St. Dominic), Dán Dé iv 20 . dia hurd ┐ dia macaibh eccailsi `friars and ecclesiastics', AFM vi 1924.22 .