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1 sen 1 old money; an old woman; an old judgement, a precedent; old, original people; an old- standing offence; an old error; prudence; an old man; an old grievance; old (i.e. proven) horse; old English (i.e. Anglo-Normans); old vexation; a veteran; an ancient book, Scripture; original people; old, inverterate sin; a proverb; an experienced knight; an old person; matured bacon; old hard-cure; ancient legend; reciter of old tales; original document; an old family; early translation 2 yellow from age; proverbial; ever young, or perh., both old and young
1 sén 1a sign; omen, augury, portent; sign, indication; auspiciously, inauspiciously; fortunately, luckily 2an incantation, a charm 3a favourable sign, a blessing; good luck, success, pros- perity, happiness