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Last Revised: 2019

num (Lat. tertius) third . Precedes and forms compd. with qualified noun.

(a) Gramm. ¤persin third person : huare ata tertpersin immechomarcatar treo, Sg. 138a4 . cen in tert-persin, 161a4 . tertpersin brethra ... for tertpersain uerborum , 197a15 . ┐ it tertpersin gl. ... sunt personae et tertiae, 211b9 . ¤choibden third conjugation : hi sechmadachtu tertchoibedna, 11a1 .

(b) In dates following Roman system of notation : i terttid Aipril `on the eleventh of April,' Fél. 114.16 . hi tertid Noimbir `on the third before the ides of November,' RC ii 386 § 8 . i teirtkalaind Mai miadaig, LL 142a10 . i tert Kalaind Octimper, PH 6278 . i teirt-Kallaind Mharta, Lism. L. 4633 = (ante diem) tertium Kalendas, xc s.v. Murcertach Oc ... do marbad i tert Noin Octimbir, Ann. Conn. 1401.5 .