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2 ír

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adj long, lasting: ir .i. fada, Stowe Gl. 436. ír .i. suithin no ferg, ut est ... i n-ifern hír .i. in ifern fergach no suthain, O'Dav. 1103. re n-aibnib ir .i. risna haibnibh fergacha, no suthaine, MS. Mat. 617.32 . Compar. further, longer: nachi-tochthad (=nachi-t-tochaithed, Edd.) fria choscc ní bes íre `let him not wear thee out in admonishing him any longer,' Wb. 31d11 . ni-m-mērat bes hire gl. ultra non proficient, 30c20 . is follus ... téte aitherrechtaigthe ní as hire oldáta maicc ┐ aui `goes further than,' Sg. 30b12 . as hire gl. ulterior, 72b4 . inbiuc íre gl. paulo diutius, Ml. 119b1 . onaib hi ata ireiu (`so Zeuss and W.S., but `irea ist ganz deutlich,' Holder,' Edd.'s note) gl. superioribus, Thes. ii 30.30 (Bcr.). nach mét bes n-ire ó adam (gl. tanto peius quanto posterius quisque) according as he is further removed from Adam, ZCP vii 485.21 . Superl. [h]irem .i. is sía, ut est hírem i n-uidhib aitiri uidhe itir rig .i. is dona reib is sia atá dona haitirib doréir in fenechuis in re atá don rí tét a n-eterus `longest in the periods of a hostage is certainly the period of a king,' O'Dav. 1066. Cf. sír.