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2 úar , úair 1an hour, the twenty-fourth part of day; A canonical hour; a canonical hour; a time or occasion; point of time; A point of time, occasion, in various phrases, the fit, proper time (for doing something); passing, momentary, transitory; a passing guest, sojourner, accidental visitor; at once, sudden; an hour's duration; more loosely, for a time, transitorily 2 once, some- time in the past, formerly; sometime, at sometime; occasionally, at times; now ... now; at one time ... at another time; sometimes,; sometime, once on a time; on another occasion, once; a time, any time, occasion; used after neg. with an intensive force; horis, interdum, sometimes; alternately; now; again; when ?; whenever; once, twice; at one time ... at another; suā horā, vicissim=in turn; when, since, because; later on; at once; forthwith; at a time, on an occasion; equivalent to a temporal clause at the time of, when; at the same time, immediately; at the same time; at the same time; sometimes; at times; sometimes, at times; at times 3 for, because, since; if