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2 bés

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Forms: bheas, beuss

(a use of 1b. ?) adv. and conj. In O.Ir. with subj. (with copula béso, -u) perhaps, maybe. Later (?) with indic. in all probability, doubtless, certainly, indeed. In class. verse bheas (see rhymes cited below). See GOI 241 , 329 , 488 . trí sethracha goa: béss, dóig, toimtiu, Triads 136 . béss rísat ade maybe they will attain, Wb. 5b39 . b.¤ asberasu, Thes. ii 7.29 . bésu dagduine, Wb. 6b23 . béso mó, 19b11 . bésu ocus, bésu chían (besa, beuss, MSS.) `whether it be near', Imr. Brain 19. bes ni bat fira, Ml. 51b8 . bes immagaba, Mon. Tall. 152.5 . b.¤ adchotar, LU 4713. bess budh móide, CCath. 1296.

With indic.: bes is ed rocindead dun it looks as if that was to be our fate, Anecd. i 4.10 (SCano 94. See Éigse xi 76 ). bess isshé Issau of a truth it is E., SR 2893. bes nirbo rom, LU 4186. bess is í menmai D. an imper ro-cload ann `doubt- less', PH 1047. Appar. with dep. clause in: bes na n-árlaid duni beo, LU 3865 ( SCC 38 ).

In class. verse: ba caithleomhan re cneas Goill /as bheas do haithbheodhadh eadroinn of a truth, DDána 112.9 . éigin bheas (: mheas) go saorfadh soin, Aithd. D. 25.19 .