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2 do-alla

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Forms: taillid, toillid, tuillid, nostaltar

v Also 2 do-ella (* to-ell-, Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 511 . See GOI pp. 54 - 55 ). Later as simple vb. taillid, toillid, tuillid.

(a) Orig. in impers. construction with accus. there is room for, cf. RC xxi 176 . testa .i. ni talla and són it finds no room therein gl. abest, Ml. 65d6 . doinnastar inna piana . . . inna corpu ┐ inna n-anmanna feib dund[a-]alla indib as there is room for them in them, 30c17 . [coire] i talla boin in which a cow will fit, Laws iv 326 ( Críth G. 405 ). bothar . . . talla da boin fair . . . ara talla al-loigu ┐ a ngamna ina farrad, Corm. Y 1082 . do-t-allfa-su indi there is room for thee (= thou canst join) in it, TBFr. 174 (= dothuillfe-si, pers. constr., ZCP iv 38 ). co taillfed cethora ndrong ndeichenbair fa thairr-lethar in scéith, TBC-I¹ 2339 . fo barr bile tallsat (leg. tallfad) firo Erend uille, Snedg. u. Mac R 11 . nis-tall thair hisuidiu there was no room for them in the east, Ériu iii 138 . inn uair na rostalla thair | clanna Iafeth, Rawl. 76b21 = rastalla, LL 142a45 ; rotalla, BB 8a47 , Lec. 75a22 .

(b) In Mid. and later Irish generally used in personal constr. fits, finds room (in), is contained (in) (some of follg. exx. may belong to the previous type): ní thalla gataidhi sunn there is no room for a thief here, Mart. Don. Mar. 21 , cf. SG ii 465 . ni talla-su (leg. ni-t-talla-su?) etturra thou art out of place amongst them, Mon. Tall. 159 . in lín tallat 'na suidiu ní tallat 'na ligiu, MR 56 . immon mbarr fo tallat uili, imm Fland under whom all find shelter, IT iii 8 ( Bruchst. § 120 ). in carpat-sin . . . ara taillfitis ocht n-airm n-indflatha, TBC-I¹ 1970 . nothallad dál chét for mael cech cnāma, LL 169a17 . do thuillfed sé ar bois Aedha, SG 240 . sochaide . . . co nach talla for menmain so many . . . that the mind cannot take them in, Ériu viii 157 . co taille munter in cach thurchlais, TBC-LL¹ 6083 . bec d'olai . . . conná rothallai il-lestraib, SR 7168 . cia nobeth nech ní bad ísliu | doaillfed sercc Isa and, Goid. 173 = dothoillfed, ZCP vii 297 . ní roich súil he, ni thuill i cluasaib, LB 136b55 . no thelltis láith gaile fer nUlad isind rígthig sin, LU 10129 . boi dia farsingi in tige i tallastar formna lath ngaile in choicid, FB § 55 . imscing .i. tech becc a talla imdae, Corm. Y 790 , cf. 793 . ní tuillinn am' curp mét mo grada furt, ZCP vi 54 . glór nach tuilleann i gceann, Content. xix 1 . ní thallai do dainib im fer diib lín a sáraighthe not enough men can come about one of them to overpower him, Ériu ii 130 . co rothall do orba Ir a cland .i. Monaich Ulad so that his children were included in (belonged to) the heritage of Ír, Lec. 198b34 . Exceptionally in pass.: ba fín gach linn . . . | nostaltar ina croccenn every liquor contained in its hide became wine, Lec. 60b1 .

(c) doalla dó (fair) there is room for (on) him, i.e. it is possible for him (impers.): ni tella do neuch and mōidem a arilte there is no room for anyone there to boast of his merits, Wb. 5c13 . ní telfea cotlud do chách it will be impossible for anyone to sleep, 25b18 , cf. 25c2 , 26a23 . drochet .i. sét diriuch .i. ni thalla nemdirgi dó it does not admit of being crooked, Corm. Y 434 . nico-taldad dó oifrenn do dēnam `it would not be allowable for him to perform the sacrifice', Mon. Tall. 153 . ni talla rosacht forsin tinnacul `the tradition admits of no hesitation', Ml. 97a7 . nícon talla obbad fair `it does not admit of refusal', Sg. 90a2 . ní talla orm a rád rut, TE 9 ( IT i 123 ). mana talla fair ar méit na aithgina . . . is e féin inn if it is not possible for him (to pay), Laws iv 252 Comm. óg robruinned tú i mbroinn Muire, | nir thoill broinded eli ort no other refining was possible for thee, ACL iii 242 .

Note also: tabraidh eideth Sir G. cucum, uair ba companach damsa é ┐ toiledh a eideth dam fitted me (?), ZCP vi 97 . ni fetar a rímh ┐ ni thoill a airem cannot be counted, TBC-LL¹ p. 383 n. 7 . ni thalla a nárim fria lín, LL 373c41 .

See tellad.