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2 na

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pron. adj. see 2 nach.

2 ná , na

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Forms: na, nar, nach

rel. particle 3 s. and pl., used in neg. sentences, who (which, that) . . . not; in O.Ir. na; folld. by ro, na ro often > nar (nár). With an inf. pron. 3 nach is used.

(a) in nom. relation: hi nepchenéil .i. napo chenéel which was not a kindred, Wb. 5a14 . cipé no na tic whoever does not come, TBC-LL¹ 200. in tí na haittrebann i cranda who dwelleth not in trees, PH 2074. gonaid in anmain ro aentaig frisin corp . . . ┐ na ro aentaig fria a duilem, 8145 . iar ndesmberecht . . . na sruithi . . . na tuaslaicitis in aíne who used not to relax their fast, 5559 .

With inf. pron. obj.: mairg na n-ailind `that entreats him not', RC xvii 150.21 .

(b) in acc. relation: na ro pridchissem-ni dúib (gl. evangelium quod non recepistis), Wb. 17b31 . aní ná roich lām, LU 3935 ( SCC 44 ). omna na tuargaib in sluag which the host could not lift, Hy. v 69. ni fuil i nhErind laech na diṅgeb-sa, TBC-LL¹ 3656. sui na ro thairind demun, PH 3371.

(c) implying other cases: fer na festar cland na cinél dó, IT i 127.14 . aingil na facus reme a n-indshamail the like of whom was never seen, PH 1900. ni raibi . . . fer na ro-marb-som a mac whose son he had not killed, ZCP i 103.3 .

(d) of local relation (place or time): maigen na áigder rindi in which thou fearest not spear-points, Thes. ii 294.15 ( SP iii 3 ). dū na aicfider bochtu, Ériu ii 144 § 161. bail ná ró do choss lár, TBC-LL¹ 1298. tar aibind domain na be treoir where there is no guidance, Laws iv 126.19 . ro gebdis na longa aile na bidh som in which he was not, RC xviii 53.17 . noco chath na tuitt rí, CRR 5. bied aimser ná-mba lobur when he will not be feeble, Wb. 6b15 (with rel. -n-). tricha . . . nar clod flathus [na] Fer mBolg thirty (years) in which . . . was not vanquished, MacCarthy 314 § 1 .

(e) after a prep.: donaib nephacnataib .i. do narobu gnath techt for culu that have not been accustomed to go backwards, Ml. 129d3 . tech inna fera flechod wherein rain pours not, Thes. ii 294.15 ( SP iii 3 ). ri ac na bít géill, LL 146b35 ( PRIA iii 542 § 17 ). connach baí d'Ultaib . . . do neoch do nar bo chotlud who was not asleep, TBC-LL¹ 2962 = do neoch nar bo, St. Folld. by con (cf. ní con): slaidred ṅargait di nacon-bí moín from which no treasure is wont to be, Ml. 85b7 .