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2 tress

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Last Revised: 2019


Forms: tris, triuss, tresi

num Perh. orig. o,ā (see Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 135 ), but usually undeclined. O. Ir. tris. d s m. triuss, Wb. 7c8 . g s f. imm iarmerge ... na tresi aidche, Thes. ii 311.29 . In some cases in O. Ir. may form compd. with follg. noun ( GOI § 395 ).

(a) third: int oéntu inna áeccalsa déde insin et hésom triuss `the unity of the church, that is two, and he himself as the third,' Wb. 7c8 . coll go n-uath an treas re [a] dtáebh 'lenited c is the third one along with them', Celtica xxvii 59 § 5 . is trí fer robói in tris diltud dosom, Tur. 103 . tris accuis, Ml. 118d16 . tris fer, Sg. 2a5 . tris litir immurgu hi tosuch syllabe `the third letter, therefore, in the beginning of the syllable', 20b3 . foxlidi tresdiil inso sís `these below are ablatives of the third declension,' 104b1 . mad eirr ind aithgin iar tres cinud `if he pay restitution after the third crime,' Laws ii 188.9 . in tres adaig dano luid Cu Chulaind isin sudi, LU 9082 ( FB 83 ). conúargabad dano Pól apstal cosin tres nem, LU 1954 ( FA 2 ). co dorus in tres nimi, LU 2100 ( FA 16 ). i cind in tres laithe, BDD² 1497 . iarsin t.¤ troscud, Mon. Tall. 157.12 . dorumalt Moisi ... | ann tresraind a aimsire, SR 3784 . conarraid in tresechlach comrád ḟorru, TBC-LL¹ 124 . is-in t.¤ uair ina óidche, PH 1490 . tres gné de randaigecht, IT iii 16.20 . .x. mili .xx. sa treas corughudh `thirty thousand in the third division,' Stair Erc. 1043 . caínim fan treas osnadh é, IGT Decl. ex. 1070 . an treas glún ó Chonn, TD 26.51 . ar shliocht an treas taoisigh, Keat. i 202.3 .

(b) one of three: is i trisfintiu in so confodlaiter fo chobdaili crich (`the third tribe-property'), Laws iv 164.13 . is triut atá in tres anim fil for mnáib Ulad, LU 3255 ( SCC 5 ). cosin tres mac imlesan na hoensúla, BDD² 641 . ro marbhsat in tres taisech is ferr do bí isin Roim `they had killed one of the three best captains' (the third best?), CCath. 1589 . tres ṅ-dírime na tána, TBC-LL¹ 2656 . atbert in tris clerech =unus ex illis dixit, Lat. Lives 67.16 . comad breth cach tres brīathar atberad `that one of every three words he might say should have the authority of a judgment,' BColm. 98.3 . in treas sét is ferr fuair Find, Acall. 20 . an t.¤ gaisgedach na Tiabanda `one of the three Theban heroes,' TTebe 4879 . muna fhuilnge ar meas do Mhuire | ní fhoighbhe an treas duine dhínn `unless He allow Mary to judge us, He will not get even one out of every three of us,' Dán Dé x 3.

(c) In compd. ord. numerals: ha tris timchel deacc thirteenth , Thes. ii 33.23 . in treas rann sesgat ind uile `sixty-third part of the whole,' Laws ii 370.22 Comm. ro ṡuidig in tres cuibrend x. cor ba mou he indás cech cúibrend, IT i 40.12 . Kl. enair for Mairt ┐ tresfichit fuirre `January 1 on a Tuesday, and the 23d (day of the moon) thereon,' RC xviii 194.9 .

Compds. ¤glórmar thrice-glorious: tri pearsanna treas-ghlórmhar na Trinoide, ZCP iv 428.20 v.l. ¤gonaid wounds a third time: gonais Eōgan, ┐ ath-ghonais ┐ tres-gonais Eōgan eiséin, ML² 1895.