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v (* air-fo-laim-, Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 561 ) undertakes, ventures on: is ecintech in gním arafolmathar gl. futurum . . . cum incertum sit, Sg. 147b4 and n . is cián arfolmas dún insin gl. praedistinati, Wb. 21a2 (see GOI 439 ). gor intech (sic leg., see p. 308) ara-folmaider dutiful the journey you undertake, ZCP xi 80 § 2 . an cauth arfolmotar fir Erenn do tabairt dúdn the battle which the men of Ireland venture to offer us, RC xii 88.2 . ? arfolmais cath m-brisi , ZCP xii 401.10 . arfolmais imban banbrethaib .i. rolamdais `thou hast undertaken', O'Dav. 994 = a.¤ a mbanbrethaib, O'Curry 2112 (H 4.22, 78b) (cf. Ériu xiii 13.20 ).

Cf. airlam.


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Forms: brisde, bris(s)ed

v (bres ? See Thurneysen, Keltoromanisches 94 s.v. (Fr.) briser; Pisani, Jn. Celt. Stud. i 50 - 51 ; cf. also Études Celt. xxv 129 ).

I Trans.

(a) breaks, smashes; destroys; gl. benaid, 1 bronnaid, con-boing: rosbriss no roben (gl. rosṁbī), Thes. ii 346.31 (Hy. v Comm.). ronbris, ronbrúi, O'Mulc. 830 g. na robris gl. nádchombaig, Thes. ii 346.30 (Hy. v Comm.). brisi . . . cia robria ord for inneoin `breaks', O'Dav. 300. brisid scíathu lenna laech, LU 3632 ( SCC 31 ). brisus (brissis, LU) Fergus . . . .iiii. carptiu dēac, TBC-I¹ 325. ro brisiset cleith di clethaib ind rightige, LU 8371 ( FB 25 ). brister in carbat, Laws iii 264.23 Comm. gur mhionuigh ┐ gur bhris iad, TSh. 821. anbthine . . co ro-bris a longa ` wrecked ', PH 7040. Of bread breaks (into parts); cuts up: tuccad (bairgen eorna) . . ., ┐ ro-bris, PH 1771. Of inflicting physical injury breaks, fractures; injures (bones, limbs, etc.): brí ([ro] bri[athar], ed.) .i. brisster . . . diablad n-aithgina neich ro briathar .i. diablad sin boin bristi ┐ bó laisin mboin slain, O'Dav. 287. ro brise Cochlán gilla Léith, Ériu xiii 66 § 61. Cf. co ro brised leo C. gilla L., Dinds. 126. go róebriss (curro bris, Stowe 5021) cnáim i n-a chind, TBC-LL¹ 6138. brister coss erēne circe, Fing. R. 310. tothfond foro co mbrister `until they (sc. horses) are injured', Laws i 164.14 Comm. In more abstr. sense. na briss . . . mo chride, LMU 18 ( IT i 81.37 ). ro brissed (rus-bris, v.l.) co mór `he was greatly broken', RC xiii 60 § 55. nīr bris a hōigi in t-Ardrī did not violate, ACL iii 244 § 10. In poetry, causes imperfect rhyme (by not employing corresponding consonant classes): snaidhm gaídhilge agus a glas | créad bhriseas 'what causes the binding of pronunciation and its clasp to be imperfect', Celtica xxvii 58 § 1 . bristear aghaidh i n-aghaidh | comhardadh ag cosanaibh 'consonants corresponding to one another make rhyme imperfect', Celtica xxvii 58 § 2 . See also comardad (c).

(b) With following prepp. etc. cid nodmbrisi in fer so a bóairechas? what deprives this man of, etc. (?), Críth G. 145. brissis gésca din chrund, Fraech 196 .

(c) defeats, puts to rout; overthrows; gl. maidid, sraínid. Absol. and with FOR (AR) usu. with obj. cath, irgal, etc. Also with DI: muna má .i. muna mbrisi, O'Cl. rosroena .i. robrisse gl. roróina ( reunn cathu, 18 ), Thes. ii 325.36 (Hy. iv Comm.). ? brissid úath n-adarccna (rhet.), LU 8354 ( FB 24 ). brisid Cūc[h]ulaind tricha lōech dīb cosin tailm C. overthrows (injures ?) thirty . . . with the sling, TBC-I¹ 1075. brississ tola he (sc. C. Cille) subdued desires, ZCP viii 197.5 . brister immairecc fairsom gl. conterat, Wb. 7c4 . cach immarec . . . is M.F. nod ṁbrissed, Fing. R. 61. ro brisius aurgala / for triunu na túath, LU 9349. noí catha ro brissitár rempu, 2797 . oenḟer ro bris for cach, Sc.M² R 8 . Note also: an tí dobrisfeadh uirre gan an chain ┐ an cadhus sin do dhíol `whosoever should refuse to pay (her) that tax', etc. Ériu v 94.17 . brisis Mogh Nuadhat de `M.N. defeated him', Keat. ii 4077. brisfighear díot fá uile ríoghachtaibh an dómhain (= dispergaris per omnia regna, Deuteronomy xxviii 25 ), Eochairsg. 80.5 . Fig. go mbrisfimni (mbrisimni, MS.) . . . / don ríoghraidh ghil `we (sc. poets, with our . . . praise) shall put to rout', Ériu ix 164 § 14.

(d) Of an oath, pledge, justice, etc. breaks, violates, transgresses with prep. FOR (AR) prec. indirect obj.: dia brisistair na reanna aicsidi ┐ nemaicsidi fair when he violated the stars, visible and invisible, Dinds. 81. bristir fír fer for Coin C., LU 5839 (TBC). ni ba me brisfes firindi fair lit. (that will) infringe justice on (him), Aen. 2744. do briseadh cunnradh ar cách, DDána 21.1 . Conn . . . nár bris bóid, IGT Decl. ex. 680.

II Intrans.

(a) breaks; breaks down, fails, comes to an end: ni robris (= non est fractum), Lat. Lives 80 § 73. ge nār brissetair leaca oigridh na prímhabhann, Fl. Earls 64.14 . do bhás uí Ch. . . . / druim ratha Banbha do bhris, SGS iv 66 § 27. brisfidh do dhearc your sight will fail (in death), DDána 43.8 . With AR: brisidh uirre re lo conoidhche it opens (of an abscess), 23 K 42, 434.18 . fa dheoigh air ass iad (sc. bronnta) do bhris `the gifts . . . failed him at last', O'Hara 950. With amach: brisfid do chantaóirighe amach le fíon nuadh = thy presses shall burst out, Proverbs iii 10. no gur bhris síad amach a harm an Priustúnidh `they broke away from', Rel. Celt. ii 206.6 .

Part. dar bernadaib brisde , CCath. 4104. for comardad briste imperfect rhyme see Murphy Metrics 1 , Ir. Syll. Poetry 8 - 9. bristi, na bi a n-aic[d]e ` broken (silver), not made up', Laws v 396.19 Comm.

Vn. bris(s)ed.

See bristid.

1 bronnaid

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Forms: bria, briathar

v pres. subj. 3 s. ro bria , O'Dav. 300 ; pass. ro briathar , 287 , 314 , Laws iv 100.7 , v 168.15 (cited below). See GOI § 610 , Pedersen Vgl. Gr. i 54 , ii § 673 , Études Celt. xix 152-53, xxv 128-29 .

(a) spends, consumes (seems orig. meaning of the wd., Plummer MS. notes): cóic méich fichet . . . is ed ro bronnad frisna cóic fichtiu bargen is what was used for the . . . loaves, LU 8126 ( FB 9 ). robronnat nád rothrebat `they (women) lavish what they cannot husband' (spend or waste ?), Tec. Corm. § 16.98 . ? fir [bu]ada bronnait a mbaill / tomailt tuara síl Conaill, Ériu viii 70.11 . molt linas cach toll, Laws ii 254.2 .i. bis ina inathar da brondith when it grazes (?), 15 Comm. Intrans. forruim a choiss forsind leicc / maraith a és, ní bronna `it wears not away (?),' Thes. ii 310.2 (Hy. ii).

(b) injures, damages: ma fer etháim ro brondad and `if it be rich grass that has been spoiled', Laws iv 94.22 Comm. mad anfine imorro no-dm-bera di-a bronnad, ┐ ro brondustar, is lan-dire, etc. (of seized cattle), v 446.10 Comm. ní ro briathar la cach ín ala ar coin ┐ ceachair ┐ ceathras (of injury to cattle in common pasturage), iv 100.7 Comm. for aithgin neich bronnair ann (grass, etc.), 98.16 Comm. aithgin neich ro briathar ann `for what is damaged therein', v 168.15 . brí .i. brisster, ut est diablad n-aithgina neich ro briathar .i. diablad sin boin bristi, O'Dav. 287. [-]bria .i. brisi, [ut est] cia robria ord for inneoin `though he break', 300 . geall dobeir nemidh, ┐ brondaid inti di-a tabar `the person to whom it is given damages it', Laws v 216.12 Comm. bri .i. bronnadh . . . sét imamberar cen athcomarc ma robriathar .i. madia mbronntar, O'Dav. 314. cia bronntar indi whatever is damaged in it (a bed), Críth G. 234. ? tri on brethemon briatar . . . baes ┐ aneolus ┐ eitges three blemishes . . . which destroy (?), O'Curry 20 (H. 3.18, 9a) (Briathrach, ZCP xii 363.2 ).

Vn. 1 bronnad.


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n io, n.

I Act of cutting; a cutting, incision: im fidbae .i. bis oc eibi in feda, Laws i 140.2 Comm. amser as coimdire tairddbe cacha feda fria bun-ebe `when the cutting of each tree is liable to the same fine as cutting the trunk' iv 168.25 . Paring: fir-epi combi ocus a rinn biraith amail delc `cutting them until their points are sharp like thorns' (gl. on: airdbe naindeilg, a kind of trespass) i 236.6 . Of breaking the surface of land: fír-eibe in feraind (gl. on: aurba tire) iv 152.11 . (pl.) fir-ebeda doberar ar in ferand 154.14. Comm. in fir-eipe doníter resin n-eimfedhain doberar ar amus in muilind the clearing for the carriage 154.26. Comm.

Transf.: eipe a droma the back-cut (of a salt pig, i.e. the place where the cut is made) Laws ii 246.5 .

Metaph.: iar n-eipe rechta (.i. iar na brisi .i. iarna turbrodh) `after violating the law' i 260.26 ( 282.14 ).

II A cutting out, culling, selection: forsin n-aibgitir .i. forsind epe au[g]dair `author's selection' Auraic. 349 . 390 . 2711 (ebe). 2647 (eibe). 2779 (eipi).

Cf. cach a midbu miter .i. is ondi tara mbi in t-eibe meodhanach .i. in grainne a mesemnaigther é, eipe .i. grainne mas fír dhamhsa, O'Dav. 1244 (i.e. the middle notch of the balance-beam resting on the fulcrum ?) airdbidh no aird-eibi .i. cinnedh,...for airdeibe cinntech `a definite decision' (?) 110 .


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u m. vn. of srengaid. act of pulling, dragging, tearing : sreangadh .i. tarraing, O'Cl. sren .i. tarraing no brisid, ut est bagh briathar ┐ comeirge ┐ srenta etaigh .i. brisidh no tarraing in eetaigh, O'Dav. 1486 (srenta for srengtha, Stokes). Cf. srenta etaig [.i.] brosna set uil isin dlige so sis . . . in tan . . . is baga briathar no srenta eitaigh, O'Curry 1166 ( H 3.18, 463a ). Note: ro brisi in tédach, O'Curry 1167 ( H 3.18 463b ). in chloch ara n-dernsat a sreangadh ┐ a n-imeasorgain wrestling (?), TBC-LL¹ 2994 v.l. da sreangad ┐ da slugadchacnom na fear sin `to rend and swallow', TTebe 603 . sreangadh roi theann da tucus oram do chuireas mu shúil ar mu ghruaigh `an overstrained effort', Oss. v 104.25 .

Compd. ¤tharraing: ag srengad-tarroing a n-innedh eistiph fein, Aisl. Tond. 104.24 . ro bladhastair cró ionnsma na craoisighe icca srengadh-tharraing (sic leg.) for a h-ais, AFM vi 2216.5 . See also under sreng.

2 tolg

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n o, m. Also ā, f. (cf. 1 tolg).

(a) strength, force: aingel nach clé conn | daingean nach treith t.¤ , KMMisc. 257.5 . Tuatha Dē ba tolc tréine | im thuaith mBolc bāigsit rīge, ZCP xiv 176.1 . co tolcaib na tor talc tren | do orgain mac n-Israhel, SR 6767 . ri ros-delba cen talgga | hite remra roárdda, 363 . trén is t.¤ | tenn is tres | buaid is blas, Caithr. Thoirdh. 55.12 . bá mór a toilc menman, TFerbe 174 . ba mór in toilg menman ┐ aicnid ... ro bói i cridi cech óen dibsin, 305 . Maolmithidh tuilcc ordain aird, AFM ii 594.14 . Feradach don rothuilg ráin, Metr. Dinds. iii 266.5 . airiter fri trūagh fri t.¤ , ZCP v 487 § 12 (B. na f.). Eochaidh Mumho, t.¤ tuinne, Content. xviii 42 . éicne dubghlaise duinne | fuaim tuinne t.¤ fri h-alla, SG 388.10 . go nach brisi t.¤ na tuinne | misi is bord na luingi um láimh, SGS iv 62 § 14.

? ba uilcc thuilcc, matan rombi oc Glais chuilcc, AFM i 302.8 . ó rucadh rí nan n-each borb | t.¤ ō nech nī thār ar Tadg, ZCP viii 228 § 15 . isind orir toilge tóib | gnáithi óclaig for rind cróib, Fianaig. 26.10 .

(b) attack; breach caused by attack: airm itát na láith gaile anair isin cath berait toilg trisin cath síar, TBC-LL¹ 5773 . airm itāt ind lāith gaile indosa anīar ... berait toilc isin chath sair, TBC-I¹ 3530 . brisfid badb bid bríg borb | t.¤ for Meidb, TFerbe 108 . rofuc Medb ... tolc míled i cath na nUltach, 730 . dobeir M. t.¤ dermair i cath na Tr., Aen. 2620 . indarlat dofóethsad an talam fó cossaib ar threise na toilge ron-ucsat ┐ ar mét na feirgi, TTr.² 1847 . racrithnaigsetar ... risna tolcgaib trena, TTr. 1725 . rapad réil mo thoilg-sea ... i cumma chaich, TBC-LL¹ 5776 = 5868 . tainic an lán mara 'na múraib ┐ 'na mortolcaiph (—tonnaibh, —tulchaibh, v.ll.), BNnÉ 209.22 .

(c) gap, tear: ni tug t.¤ 'na hearraidhe na iona headach, RC xxix 112 § 5 . gan t.¤ ina taobhuibh sin | faobhar a ccolg da cabhair, 23 G 24 275 . umhlacht ionmhuin tuilg do thaoibh don dall, Ó Bruad. i 24.14 . tuilg na dtrí dtáirnge, 22.5 . ni tulg ina fhallainn, iii 168.8 .

Hence fault: i bpearsain tséimh an tréin gan tuilg, Ó Bruad. ii 180.8 . gan t.¤ cháile, iii 192.9 . tuigeadh nach tulg iona ionnmhus choidhche a ngláimh, i 126.14 .

(d) calamity: dealg athálaidh othras Taidhg | dar n-antráthaibh tochta an tuilg, DDána 79.1 . briseadh croidhe an t.¤ dá dtárras | t'ord i n-áras fhiodhbhuidhe, 122.10 .

Compds. ¤asnach strong-ribbed: atré an doigh derglasrach | assa tig t., ZCP viii 212.10 . ¤bruiden strong hostel: dentar dúinti ┐ dingnadha ┐ tolg-bruidne romor ... libh damsa, KMMisc. 312.23 . ¤búadris causing disturbance, dissension ? : cian o tái for tolg buáidris | timchell Banba ..., Celt. Rev. iv 20.28 . ¤buillech of strong blows: cosin Tolcbuillech Uisnig .i. Maelseachlainn mac Domhnaill, RC xxiv 202.12 . ¤dál strong assembly: dírge cech tolgdaíl tailce | fri torgbáil na drumslaite, SR 4271 . rosrethaig tolgdail triath tenn | iar torgbail Hierusalem, 6701 . ¤mór of great strength: ar in treib tolgmóir toebsoluis, SG 249.15 .