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2 teinm

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Forms: t., teinm

n in phrase t.¤ laída a divinatory incantation used by the `filid .' Perh. same wd. as prec. See ZCP xvii 156 . Marstrander, Bidrag 127 , rejects Zimmer's derivation from O. Norse teinar laegdir ( ZDA xxxv 151 ff. ) on the grounds that t.¤ is vn. of teinnid (see 1, 2, 3 teinnid). Cf. perh.: cocnaid in fili mír do charnna, etc., Corm. 25.28 (in descr. of imbas forosnai). Also: tethna iarom Maen ... tria th.¤ laegda, Corm. 30.31 (Atkinson, Laws Gloss. s.v. teinm connects tethna with teinn .i. aisneid, nod-teinn .i. canus, O'Dav. 1526 , 1547 ). `Eröffnung durch das Lied,' Heldensage 71 . By native glossators taken as meaning illuminating (? cf. imbas forosnai, and 3 teinnid), understanding: teinm laeda .i. teinm taithnim ┐ teinm tuicsi, ┐ tuicsi uad tre na laig i neich is ail lais do radha, amail asbeir rellugadh coimgne co laegha co laidib la genelchaib co nduilib ┐ sluinnti, H 4.22, 5 ( O'Curry 1949 )= tenm laegda .i. tenm taitnem, ┐ tenm tuicsin, etc., Laws v 56.24 Comm. tinm .i. tuigsin, O'Cl. Cf. in B. na f. ag t.¤ fuach `understood a word,' ZCP iii 378.4 . neach osgar ní fhéad mo t.¤ `an ignorant person cannot understand me,' 20 (.i. tuicsin, gl. p. 382 ). ag tinm dhūar .i. tuicsin focal nō rann, ZCP v 483 § 2.

For the procedure see Laws i 44 Comm. t.¤ laodhu, i 24.33 Comm. fo t.¤ laodha lanfocail lantoinnseim, Anecd. ii 75.10 . a tri neimthigh filid, t.¤ laedha, imus forosnadh, ┐ dichedul do chennaib, H 3.18, 427b ( O'Curry 1002 ). The t.¤ laída was part of the training of an ollam, and was acquired during the eighth year of study: tredi dlegar don ollamain filead .i. tenm laeghdha ┐ imus forosnadh ┐ dicedal do cennaib, Laws v 56.20 Comm. da cach ollamain ... iomus forasna ┐ dicetal do chollaib cenn ┐ t.¤ laoga, Anecd. ii 76.5 . tenmlaída ┐ immas forosnai ┐ dichetal do chennaib (in course of study for eighth year of fili), IT iii 50.1 . Cf. 111 , 117 . Ascribed also to Find (see 1 eó): dosber tra Find a ordu ina beolu ┐ do chan tria th.¤ laegda, Corm. 34.x = tre thenm-láido, Corm. Bodl. 28 = t.¤ laodae, Corm. Y 1018 ( Anecd. iv 88.1 ). tuc-som (.i. Find) a ordain fa ded fis ┐ cura chan tre t.¤ laega, cur foillsiged do crich a bethad, CF 74.5 . Forbidden by Patrick: atrogell no atrarpe tra (Patraicc) inní sin (i.e. imbas forosnai) ┐ an t.¤ laegda, Corm. 25.41 (= Corm. Y 756 ).

As fanciful name of a metre: tedmleoda annso, IT iii 102 § 186 , see p. 138 . Also of poetry in general: nī tucc d'echtres nō d'ōenuch | ... | an sainsherc tucc ... | do th.¤ laodho na ffiledh, Sitzungsb. Pr. Akad. 1919 v 93 § 26 .