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Forms: fognad, fognid, fognat, fongni, -fognai, fongniat, -fognat, fogníth, fogníd, -fognad, -fogna, fognem, fogneith, -fognad, fungensa, fogéna, foruigéni, foruigenai, forrogéna, -forgeni, -forgein, -forgeni, -forgénsam, foruigensid, foruigensat, fosrugensat, fosrugensatar, foruigénair, -forgenair, fogníther, gníter, fognífe, fom-gnifet, fognifet, fog(a)n-, ognaid, foghnuidh, -ḟognand, foighéanaidh, ḟógnais, ḟogain, ḟogainset, ḟoghainset, fegfognad, fognaigther, fognaighter

v O. Ir. forms: ipv. 3 s. fognad, Wb. 20b11 . 2 pl. fognid, 3b28 . 3 pl. fognat, AM 14.105 . ind. pres. 3 s. amal fongni , 12a12 . -fognai, Laws i 228.16 . 3 pl. fongniat, Ml. 112b4 . -fognat, Sg. 203a17 . imperf. 3 s. fogníth, LU 6433 . fogníd, Mon. Tall. § 12 . -fognad, Hy ii 6 . subj. pres. 3 s. -fogna, Wb. 12a12 . 1 pl. fognem, Wb. 5d19 . 2 pl. fogneith, 20a11 . past 3 s. -fognad, Trip. 16.26 (207) . fut. 1 s. lasse fungensa , Ml. 78d2 . 3 s. fogéna, Sg. 198a19 . perf. 3 s. foruigéni, Wb. 13b7 . foruigenai, Trip. 16.20 ( -génai, Trip.² 202 . Cf. forrogéna .i. do fhoghain, O'Cl.). -forgeni, Ml. 44c9 . -forgein (leg. -forgeni), Mon. Tall. § 80 . 1 pl. -forgénsam, Wb. 3c15 . 2 pl. foruigensid, 3b28 . 3 pl. foruigensat, 1b22 . fosrugensat, SR 3690 . fosrugensatar, 5251 . Dep. 3 s. foruigénair, Trip. 16.26 (208) . -forgenair ZCP iii 248 n. 18 .

Pass. pres. s. fogníther, Wb. 27b9 . pl. amal fon gníter , ib.

Vn. fognam, q.v.

Later forms: fut. 3 s. fognífe, Trip. 70.10 (746) . pl. fom-gnifet, SR 852 . fognifet, BB 278a37 (= fogenaid, 129a18 ). Commonly in Mid. Ir. the verb is treated as a weak simplex, with stem fog(a)n-. Cf. fogniat .i. ..., fognait ... fogniter .i. fognaither doib, Laws v 96. 14 - 15 . pres. 3 s. ognaid, IGT 111 ex. 396 . foghnuidh, Proverbs xvii 22 . -ḟognand, LL 145b40 . fut. 3 s. foighéanaidh, TD 9.54 . pret. - perf. 2 s. ro ḟógnais PH 8244 . 3 ro ḟogain , LU 270 . PH 4574 . pl. dia ra ḟogainset , PH 7085 . nir ḟoghainset , CCath. 1993 .

I In general sense serves, is of use

(a) serves, is subject to (a person), with acc. or DO: saer daer dagdana daig fogniat ┐ fogniter they serve and are served Laws v 96.10 . foruigénairsom .uíí. mbliadna fo bés na nEbraidi, Trip. 16.26 (208) . in ré foghnad while they are giving service (of oxen, cows, etc.) Laws iv 106.19 Comm. gaire cach fir fine fogne fine ina foltaib coiraib, iii 54.2 ( SM Facs. 52a ). óre as ṅdúil foruigensat nach dúlem it is the creature they have served, not the Creator Wb. 1b22 . amal fongníter ídil síc fogníther donaib ánib as idols are served, so service is rendered to riches 27b9 . fognad cach dialailiu, Wb. 20b11 . fomgnifet ind il-aiṅgil, SR 852 . ni fognai lam laim (.i. ni fognand lam ... do laim), Laws i 228.16 (legal maxim, `hand does not serve hand'). in dias aile, fosgniat mor di tuathaib, AU 624 = dia fognad, AFM 620 . tánic [Pledias = Palladius] co roḟogain do Dia i Fordun, LU 270 . co toimniudh cech ae ... dia bhfoghnad cumad do a oenar foighneth, Lism. L. 144 . in Día día fegfognad (imperf.) LU 4316 = dia ndegḟognand, LL 145b 40 . Niall bus rí ... ┐ is dō foigēnat a brāthri, ZCP viii 304z . is dó fhoighentai ┐ foighenus in cenel-sa him both ye and this race shall serve Lism. L. 1837 . Cf. a gabail fodagniat, Laws iv 282.12 ( SM Facs. 4a2 ). olc an tigerna dar fhognumar, RC xiv 32 . tigernas diabuil dia rafhogainset anallana, PH 7085 . (fig.) fognad dúib ág is ernbas! may danger and destruction wait on you! Metr. Dinds. iii 90 . With DI of thing used: na fearanda dia fodnaidis (= which they tilled), Lec. 185vb10 (= BB 255a30 (fognaitis). is and is ben-si intan fognaithir dia sliasait, Auraic. 609 = fognaigther, 3086 . fogníatt dia n-airbert bioth they conform to their manner of life Hugh Roe 178y (f. 48a) . dia mbad choire órdaigi | co ndrolaib óir da fognann with rings (staves ?) of gold which it serves (i.e. by which it is moved? `with golden hooks to move it' MR 59 ) FDG 503 .

Cf. (of a shield:) inbaid fogníth ind oclaig [ = in t-oclach LL] fáeborchless di, LU 6433 = TBC-LL¹ 2579 (= in uair doriged a les in t-oglaech sin faeburcles do dhenamh dib, H 2.17 ). See II.

With transference of obj. renders service as equivalent for; renders, pays: mad in ceile bis daidbir, fogni lōg ina set (.i. .. do ni seic logh na set d'fognum) he renders the value of the `seds' in service Laws ii 340.1 . secht seotu ... fogniat enech (sic leg.), i 134.10 Comm . conidh iaramh foghnaid cis `they pay tribute' Leb. Cert. 110.19 = fogniat, BB 273a12 .

Cf. is a fidnemedaib fognitis filid a ngressa, O'Mulc. 830 (this may belong to II).

(b) of things, etc. with DO of pers., serves = is used (by): a [n]gnathbérla fogni do cach, ACL iii 247.23 . na tri chonnsuine dhég fhoghnus do luchd dénta an dána dírigh IGT, Introd. § 1 . popal iat da fognaitis fesa ┐ faistine who were wont to employ CCath. 725 . conidh hī-sin ealada rofodhain doib ō sin amach, ZCP xii 291.36 . crú ... nár ḟoghain d'each that was never worn by a horse TD 29.27 . as ruamhar fognídh dia mhanc[h]aib (i.e. his monks used spades, not ploughs) BNnÉ 294§18 . do denamh na hairce gos na haidhmibh rosfoghain (sic MS.) di with the tools required for it Leb. Gab.(i) i 8 . do gach ni ro fhoighenadh do daoinibh ib. tuc ... bachall dó ┐ ... gach indstraimint eli do foigeonadh d'espog that a bishop would need BCC § 252 . nach catu forfogain doib a nErinn whatever honour was paid to them Laws i 46.18 . Absol. : atat .clv. bliadan and o roḟogain int argat sain since that money was current LL 361 marg. sup. ( Mart. Tall. 114 ). ni fognae a thelgadh noe is not in use Auraic. 1871 . Impers. pass.: ní haclaigh cia fognaighter innaib `nothing is demanded if service is obtained from them' (sc. impounded animals) Laws iv 106.17 Comm.

Cf. is timna Rechta rofoghnamh (rofoghnad v.l.) doibh it is the testament of the Law they used (i.e. followed) IT iii 202x .

(c) is of use to, avails, profits , with DO (and sometimes obj. NÍ). ni ro fogain tra ni do Moingḟind in chelg sin, RC xxiv 180 . do treced tigerna ... arna hetalaib ┐ arna buaib nar fogain doib, Ann. Conn. 1236 § 8 (but ALC has here: ar na hédalaib tarla dhóibh ann sin mar nar ḟoghuin `as became them not'). athfuabairt Atha Luain ... acht nochor foghain doib, RC xviii 57.29 . tuc F. claidheamh leis ┐ nir fhodhuin dó it did not help him ITS xix 52 . nír ḟoghainset a n-urchair ... dóibh o hoin anunn then they could not make use of their casts (i.e. could not shoot their arrows, etc., they were so close together) CCath. 1993 . a rádh nach foghnann commaoine ... dona marbhaibh is of no use to TSh. 4332 . nar ḟoghain dóibh gan uisge d'faghail that they must needs procure water Ériu v 186.409 . olc do fhoghain dí ... tocht dí dá chobhair, Dán Dé ii 18 . foigheánaidh dáibh `it shall profit them' (of a course of action) TD 9.54 . inné nach foghnann duit duine ele dot breith ann sin? will it not do you to be carried there by some one else? BNnÉ 179.4 . ní fhognaim dhuit mar dhearbhráthair, PBocht 6 § 22 . Of medical treatment: don cuislinn, tuic curub doib so is mó foghnus `that it avails most for' Rosa Angl. 42.4 . Of attire, etc.: an t-edach nar foghain di, Duan. F. ii 332 . ní hé gach aonṡrian ḟoghnas don each, Studies 1933, 406 .

Absol. : slainti ┐ sirc[h]ennsa as edh ḟognus ann, ZCP viii 204 § 25 [is practised (?) Cf. d]. Med.: adeir G. na fognann cuisle sa cas sin, Rosa Angl. 42z . ni ro foghain it was of no avail RC xxxvii 346 § 24 . foghnuidh croidhe súgach amhuil leighios, Proverbs xvii 22 .

(d) With LA of pers. is used (by), passing into sense is practised (by), is the wont (of): forrugeine la Gaidelai flesc idaith domitte frissna collnai the G. used to employ a rod to measure corpses Corm. Y 606 (forugena LB). fidad inní forfogen la G. di tomus coland, Thr. Ir. Gl. 21 . cnoī bongar dia domnaich ní fogní leisim a cathim it is not his practice to eat Mon. Tall. § 13 (= nir ghnath leis ..., Rule of Tallaght § 62 ). isí figeld fodgníod la Duiblitir, Mon. Tall. § 33 (= as gnath le, Rule of Tallaght § 102 ). sailm ... ┐ biait fogníad madin la sochuidi `are used by some' Mon. Tall. § 5 . ainm do c[h]oire ... fognithe la hoes cerda. Is e ... cruth fogniad la haes cerda a caldron that was used by the poets. This is how they used it (leg. fogníd ? ) Corm. Y 141 .

Cf. nach tan ... bither cen rig isnaib tuathaib is brathcai fogni etorra .i. fria urradus, Corm. Y 144 = fogniad forru fri hu., Thr. Ir. Gl. 7 .

(e) with FRI serves with regard to = is construed with (a case, part of speech); for idiom cf. servit autem hoc uerbum fri tobarthid, Thes. ii 227.33 ( PCr. 59a2 ): fri áinsid fogní in briathar asberr intelligo the verb `intelligo' is construed with an accusative Sg. 149a4 . intain foṅgniat fri anmman when they are construed with nouns 220b9 . fri a cocenél fogéna, 198a19 . ni fognat fri a ngenitnesidi 203a17 . A similar construction is loosely used in follg.: is briathar ... `abco' ┐ is fria sidhe fogniat in trachturi ceill n-aile the commentators use it in another sense Hib. Min. 14. 466 .

II Through confusion of preverbs (cf. Ériu xiv 129 ) in Mid. Ir. period frequently used in deuterot. forms for do-gní: smirammair fogní C. do chnāmib, TBC-LL¹ 4624 = do rinne St. cluichi puill fognithi for faichthi na Emna, 972 . is aire fogníd Medb sin, 697 (dogníd St). fogni atlaigthi buide do Dia, PH 6663 . and sin bhoghní C. ulcha smerthain fair, RC xv 63 . fogniat snáth do thusmhedh they cause fibre to be produced Marco P. 26 . gach osadh fogníodh Rónán robrisedh Suibhne, BS § 7 . fognítis [rognidis v.l.] gnímu garga, Metr. Dinds. iii 368 . gach cinel ciuil rob āl doib fógnitis fochétoir, Aisl. Tond. 117 § 2 . is a chumachta-side fonrignine cen mescai, LL 282b5 ( YBL 138a33 reads: fonrigmidne). ni ba sindadh no aoradh fogniset, ZCP vii 305.13 . bognítha guin gal[ann] de, CRR § 26 . Cf. O'Mulc. 830 , cited at end of I a above.