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adj io, iā (1 as) of or belonging to milk . In etymol. gloss: gall (γάλα) enim graece lac latine dicitur inde Galliae (Galli, Corm. 23 ) .i. indastai, Corm. Y 683 .


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Forms: turgabthi

adj io, iā part. of do-furgaib

(a) raised, brought forth, produced: nu inna turcabthae .i. innaní soirtar and gl. emersorum `of the raised forth,' Ml. 75a4 . non proditae .i. impietatis .i. annarbu thurgabthae `when it was not produced,' 86d14 .

(b) eastern: turgabthi gl. (Narbonensis Galliae) exortiva, BCr. 36b1 .