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Forms: Glastimbir, ṅGlastiṅgibercc, nGlastingibeira, nGloinestir

(also Glastimbir ) n. l. Glastonbury : hí nGlostimber na nGoedel, Fél. 188.36 . Glastimbir na nGaoidel, Corm. Y 883 (s.v. Mugh-eme). Also written variously : hi ṅGlastiṅgibercc , Fél. 188.40 . i nGlastingibeira , Fél. cxxxii § 24 . i nGloinestir , ib.

4 Icht

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pn in Muir n-Icht the sea of Wight, the sea between France and England: Plea, cathir fil do Brigit for Muir Icht, Thes. ii 328.33 ( Hy. v Comm. ). Glastimbir na nGaoidel .i. cell for brú Marae hIcht, Corm. Y 883.10 . batar dá rig ... for na da thír im muir n-Iucht, Hlothair for Franccaib ... is hEtgair for Saxanaib, SR 2370. lucht innsi Breatan for muincind mara Icht, CCath. 2382. gabsat co muir n-I.¤ n-uarderg, Rawl. 83a52 .