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adj o, ā. dumb: maoin balbh, Forus Foc. 34. maon .i. balbh, O'Cl. ? asbert in rígan: m.¤ ruc `I have borne a mute' (of an infant with a caul), IT iii 189.12 . machtnamh maon mute wonder, Measgra D. 59.9 . See also Maín.


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Forms: Maín

npr. m. Name of Morand's fosterer: Main cerd, YBL 139a47 . Mǽn a ainm-síde, cerd ind ríg, ZCP xii 273.24 . Morand is called mac Maein, Corm. Y 37 , m.¤ Main, 863 (where the name is otherwise expld.). Morann mac Maoin, Keat. ii 3658 ; see also IT iii 188 fg., ZCP xi 72. The orig. name of Labraid Loingsech, King of Ireland, also called L. Maín, who is said in legend to have been dumb (maen) in his boyhood. Móen Ollam: amlabar side dano co mho fer mór, ZCP iii 3.22 = Maín, 6.3 . Maín ollom-som i tossaig, Labraid Móen iar sin, 8.22 . Labraidh Maén, Cóir Anm. 175. Loingsech móen (the same individual), Metr. Dinds. ii 50. Cf. Keat. ii p. 162 fg. Máon mac Etna (name of a poet), Corm. Y 883 = Mæn m. Edaine, Corm. p. 30.