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Last Revised: 2019


Forms: mlig-, melg, melgg, mealg

n o, n.? cf. mealg n-etha, quoted below. Milk (a deriv. from root mlig- `to milk'?): melgg .i. as, arinni mblegar, Corm. Y 861. melg .i. as, O'Dav. 1228. melg [ melgg , mealg MSS.] .i. sugh [suth F.] ut est: tóla mesa melgaib scoth .i. sugh [suth F.] ina sgothaib ` juice ', 1271 . m.¤ .i. as ┐ m.¤ .i. súgh fobith isberar cid fri cuirm mealg n-etha ale is called milk of corn (a kenning?), H 3.18 p. 72 ( O'Curry 114 ). meilg .i. bainne, O'Cl. milc .i. bainne, ut est etlo senmilc (sic leg.; sinmilc, v.l.) .i. a milc a luim doetlo as a sinibh, O'Dav. § 1215 = etlod senmilg, CIH i 144.30 ( Mar. Dis. 28 § 5 ). Cf. Philarg. 20b : sinum lactis .i. genus uasis .i. bomilge ( Thes. ii 48 , cf. 363 and Ascoli ccclxxvii ). Apparently some kind of vessel for milk. See also oimelc.