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1 domun 1The world, the earth; mankind; In religious lit. the world, i.e. the earthly life, etc.; In physical sense earth (cf. talam); In loose sense, of inhabited earth; Esp. of Roman Empire; the great world (i.e. the world outside one's own country, oft. Europe as oppd. to Ireland); the eastern world (i.e. the Continent); the microcosm, i.e. man; in the world; anywhere, at all; any, whatsoever 2In limited sense, country, native district, (of a ruler) realm; Hence property, power, influence
1 oenach 1in primary sense `a reunion', hence a popular assembly or gathering; funeral games 2Of a harbour; Of the Roman Forum
Rómán a Roman
Rómánach Roman; a Roman
Rómánda belonging to Rome, Roman