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Forms: sceolanna, sceolanga, sciulang, sceolu

n (scél). Stated by Thurneysen, ZCP xi 34 , to be an io- stem. The forms cited under sceolang may, however, be pl. forms of this word, the spelling sceolanna being older than sceolanga. The sg. sciulang would then be a back-forma- tion. news-bringer, survivor (of a battle). Cf. nec de eis etiam unus remanebit fabulator, Reeves Ad. 133.20 . nī tērna cidh sciula orcne as, Corm. Y 323 ( Anecd. iv 28.7 ) = sceolu, Corm. p. 14 . ní gnáth orgain cen scéola do ernam esi do innisin scél, LU 1235 . ní mór má 'd-róinne sceóla indisen scél dona díberg[a]chaib, BDD² 1491 = fer innisti scél, ZCP x 221.18 (Eg.). ní bi orgain cen oensciula, Dinds. 52 ( RC xv 447 ) (Ed. would read sciulang, see next wd.).