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n (O. We. coit, Stokes, Metr. Gl. p. 59 ) wood : coid coill, Metr. Gl. 4 . Sailchóit .i. sail-chōit .i. cōit coill isin c[h]ombric, Corm. Y 1157 .


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x see salchúait.


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Forms: Salchóit, Sulchóid

n (sail + ? See Corm. infra). a willow copse or wood ; as n.loc.: Salchóit, Sulchóid, Hog. Onom. sailchōit .i. sail-chōit .i. cōit coill isin c[h]ombric (We. coet). Sailchōit .i. coill mór do sailcetain [ro boí] and prius , Corm. Y 1157 = salcuait .i. caill mor dishailig, Corm. 41 . ag Sulchóid, AFM vi 2312.z . (` i.e. salicetum, the Sallow Wood', note).

See RC xviii 308 , and sailchetain.