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Last Revised: 2013


n precise meaning unknown, used in following approximate senses,

(a) illusion, magic (?) : rád cen f.¤ , Metr. Dinds. ii 6 . síd cen ḟ.¤ `a fairy place without delusion', ib. 8 (hence : f.¤ .i. brég ; gan f.¤ .i. gan bhréig, O'Cl.)

(b) vagrancy (?): fáel f.¤ (reading doubtful) ` werewolf ' iv 226 . dluí fulla 'hair of vagrancy' CMCS xii 16 . Fullon ... is eisein cétna druí rolaí bricht for dluí riamh do chuir dhuine for fo luamhain. Inde dluí f.¤ dicitur ... apud Scotos , Cóir Anm. 183 . o thainic in dlai ḟoluaimnech ḟulla sin fairsium, YBL 309a26 ( MR 234 ). Hence : f.¤ .i. foluamhain ; dlaoi ḟ.¤ .i. dlaoi chuires duine ar foluamhain, O'Cl.

(c) vagrant (?) ; one of the classes of persons disqualified for distraining, Laws i 84z (glossed .i. fo tabair [leg. tabarr] in dlai fulla, 90.26 ). f.¤ (.i. duine dilmain bis for sibal a hinad d'inad), 104x (106.7) .