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3 túar

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Last Revised: 2019

n t, o, u m. (?) poet, sage (?): sella sillite (MS sillit) in túaraid 'eyes which gaze at the poet', Tall. Étair 43.20 . In title of a text: Imacallam in Dá Thuaraid, RC xxvi 8 ff. ( -ad, Rawl. 107bz ). isind Immacaldaim in da Thúaru , Corm. Bodl. 44 = isin Imagallaim in dā Thūar, Corm. Y 1207 = isin Imacallaim, Corm. 42 . i n-Imagallaim na Da Thuar, Auraic. 1328 . 'san Imagallaim in Da Suadh no in Da Tuarad, 4644 . in imacallaim in Da Tuar i n-Emain Mache, Laws i 18.13 Comm. cusan imacallaim in da thuar[ad] i nEamain Macha, IT iii 186.y .