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1 acht 1 save, except (lit. outside, Thurn.); (nothing) save; only, merely; except (but only) a little, hence almost 2In sense save only that, except that; except if, unless; even though, even if; In conditional sense if only, provided that; Hence as soon as; In adversative sense but; at all events, however; however, nevertheless, at all events
2 acht action, act
3 acht stipulation, condition
4 acht usually translated without doubt
6 acht decree, edict, contract, condition
báethán(t)acht folly, vanity
comaimser(d)acht synchronism, synchro- nizing, synchronization
comarb(b)acht state of being a comarbbae, coarbship
fes(s)acht expert knowledge or skill
lennán(t)acht love-making; concubinage
mac(c)acht king-sonship, position of a chief's son?
met(t)acht timidity, cowardice
pet(t)acht taming, domesticating
síthól(t)acht tranquillity, peace
tórann(t)acht boundaries