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ad- to, towards
ad some kind of tree
ád good luck, prosperity, success
1 ad law, custom
ad-ágathar Fears, dreads, stands in awe of
ad-aig 1 drives, impels to; sets on fire 2 pushes, thrusts, places, puts 3 inflicts, imposes on4 proffers, gives 5 carries, brings 6 raises, puts forth (cry, shout) 78 undertakes, sets about, begins 9 goes, proceeds
ad-aim washes
ad-ais taken as meaning fears; hates (?)
ad-aittreba inhabits, possesses
ad-amraigedar wonders (at), marvels (at).
ad-anaig 1 escorts, conveys, brings 2 buries, entombs
ad-annai 1 kindles, lights 2 stirs up, incites 3sets going, begins
ad-boind Proclaims, gives notice or warning
ad-cain celebrates, extols
ad-caíni bewails, laments, complains
ad-cí 1 sees, notices, observes 2 Of mental processes perceives, discerns, realizes 3in sense of appears, seems
ad-claid 1 fishes, hunts; digs 2Legal inculpates, renders liable:
ad-cobra desires, wishes.
ad-cocrat agree(?)
ad-coilli ruins, destroys
ad-comai protects
ad-comairc asks, questions.
ad-comla Joins, unites
ad-cosnai 1makes for, strives for, seeks 2 proceeds, goes
ad-cota 1 gets, obtains, procures; Of an action, concession, permission, etc. 2is able, can
ad-cuimben strikes, cuts, wounds, lacerates
ad-cuimtig builds to, `adstructs'
ad-cuirethar 1 restores, returns, transmits, entrusts; removes, expels, rejects
1 ad-cumaing 1 strikes, cuts 2 happens, chances
2 ad-cumaing Reaches, extends to, attains to
ad-daí kindles, lights
ad-daim 1 acknowledges, admits, concedes, confesses 2 consents to, accedes to, grants, allows 3 avows, reveals, makes known; declares
ad-déci regards, looks at
ad-dlig claims, has a claim on
ad-eirrig 1 repeats, reiterates 2 changes. In O. Ir. glosses in sense of changes for the better, emends, improves; changes, alters
ad-éitchethar detests
ad-ella Visits, approaches; Of sexual intercourse
ad-feid leads (to)
ad-fen Repays, requites
ad-fét Tells, relates
ad-fíri sues, claims to be true (fír), originally verifies, identifies, draws public attention to. Often used in the Laws to describe a preliminary to litigation, as, for example, when the owner of stolen property identifies it in the possession of another person and formally accuses him of theft; claims against
ad-fócair announces, proclaims
ad-gaib gets back, recovers, takes back; In sense of goes, comes(?)
ad-gainethar Is reborn; In legal sense is made good, restitution is made of
ad-gair 1 sues, prosecutes, impleads, accuses 2 forbids, prevents
ad-gella vows, promises
ad-gíall(n)a serves, is in clientship to; gives hostages to; submits to, obeys
ad-gládathar Addresses, speaks to, converses with
ad-gnin 1 knows, recognises 2 perceives, is aware of
ad-goin wounds again
ad-guid in sense of invoking sureties or guarantees for the fulfilment of legal obligations
ad-indnaig leads.
ad-intai returned
ad-len adheres to, follows
ad-ling pounces
ad-midethar aims at, essays; evaluates, estimates
ad-muinethar Lit. remembers, calls to mind; usually with ref. to saints, patrons, etc., hence commemorates, calls on, invokes
ad-nessa Lampoons, censures, reproaches
ad-noí entrusts, commends to
ad-opair 1 offers up, sacrifices
ad-reith 1 runs towards, attains to 2 attacks; Of attack in chess 3 overtakes; arrests
ad-rig 1 binds (in physical sense) 2 binds (legally)
ad-rími 1 counts, numbers, computes; In more general sense of records, recounts, mentions; counts as, regards as; considers to be; searches out, investigates 2 ascribes, assigns to; counts as; considers as, places in the same category as
ad-roilli Deserves, is entitled to
ad-ruib suffered, endured
ad-said settles, resides
ad-saig seeks after, desires
ad-scuiri encamps
ad-selba 1 testifies 2 takes possession
ad-slig Tempts, entreats, urges, tries to induce
ad-sluindi invokes, appeals to
ad-suidi 1 stops, holds back, detains, hinders 2Legal fixes, makes permanent or legal, binds, establishes
ad-tairbir lit. delivers back, brings back
ad-teich 1 calls on, prays to, entreats
ad-tluichethar 1gives thanks (generally with buidi) to (DO) 2 rejoices at
ad-treba 1 inhabits, dwells in2 possesses
airglan(ad) act of clearing; Usually of clearing out a building, i.e. emptying it of persons; removal, notice to quit(?)
bromurr(ad)us self-sufficience
comnert(ug)ad act of strengthening
comthrom(ug)ad act of making equal, weighing
críasc(r)ad act of propagating, increasing
echtrannaid 1 Goes out, seeks ad- venture (?) 2 Banishes, alienates
es(s)ad affliction, sorrow, disease
fégad, féc(h)ad , dégad, déc(h)ad 1 looking at, beholding, scanning, (often implying close observation or examination)2transf. of that which is seen 3 considering, taking into account; in view of, in comparison with
lúath(ug)ad act of hastening, accelerating, expediting
mac(c)ad the act of binding or securing (in law)
marg(g)ad 1a market; market-towns; market-place; market-butter 2a market-place 3a bargain, contract (?)
mes(s)ad 1 scrutinizing, judging, ap- praising; estimate 2 esteem, regard 3 measuring, fitting?
ord(d)ad ordering, arranging
os(s)ad A respite, cessation (esp. from fighting), a truce; a respite; In sense of compact?
pec(c)ad Sin, both in abstr. sense and concrete (esp. in pl.), a sin, kind of sin, sinful act
rec(c)ad selling