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Forms: ad-comla, a-t-comla, ad-ind-chomlat, adcomaltar, -accomoltar, adcomlatar, -acomlatar, adcomaltar, -accomaltar, adchomlatar, adrochomolta, -accomalta, adrochomul, adcomaill, comlasat, ros ocomlad, accomaltae, accomol, accomlaid

v (* ad-com-la-, Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 509 ). Indic. pres. 3 s. ad-comla , Wb. 3c13 . a-t-comla som, 4a10 . 3 pl. ad-ind-chomlat. Sg. 212b7 . Pass. sg. adcomaltar, Sg. 148b9 . -accomoltar, 188a15 . Pl. adcomlatar, 51b13 . -acomlatar, 198a20 . Subj. pres. pass. sg. adcomaltar, Sg. 63a17 . -accomaltar, 197b17 . Pl. adchomlatar, Ml. 35b2 . Subj. impf. pass. sg. adrochomolta, Sg. 188a16 . -accomalta, ZCP vii 484.30 . Pret. and perf. 3 s. adrochomul, Ml. 58b12 . adcomaill, LL 750 . 3 pl. (with tmesis) ata coraib comlasat , ZCP xii 365.23 . Pass. sg. ros ocomlad, Trip.² 2072 .

Part. accomaltae.

Vn. accomol.

Later as simple vb. accomlaid.

Joins, unites: is in óin persin atacomla `it is in one person that it joins itself', Sg. 208a10 . amal adindchomlat coniunctiones `as conjunctions join', 212b7 . adcomlatar gl. iniungantur, Ml. 35b2 . co roaccomalta gl. copularetur, ZCP vii 484.30 (Enchir. Aug.). innahisiu adrochomul, Ml. 58b12 . tor Conaind co méit airgne / adcomaill col cét milte, LL 750 . is é ro-accomail in eclais cechtardai, PH 7066 . With tmesis: ar conrarcicht selba . . . ata coraib comlasat comdliged mainche morfaeidm flaithemnuis, ZCP xii 365.23 . do etarscarath neich adrocomallnad (leg. adrochomlad?) tria mierlegend, Hib. Min. 307 . Joins to, with (DO, FRI, LA): do genitin articuil adcomaltar in gerind `to the genitive of the article is joined the gerund', Sg. 148b9 . air dianaccomaltar pronomen naill do, Sg. 197b17 . ara chosmili frisa cétnide dia naccomoltar, 188a15 . ró pridach Pátraic dí coros ocomlad don tairgertaig spirtalta, Trip.² 2072 . ronaccomail Eláir do Mártain araile sechtarétsíd dia forcetul, RC ii 390 § 19 . uracomol cis neimid .i. in ní for a firaccomailter a cis do neimed `by which his rent is truly secured to a n.-person', Laws iv 6.y Comm. ro-n-accomailset do'n cháisc `they brought it (Lent) into conjunction with Easter', PH 5006 . o ro-s-accomail do fen when he united it (the Church) to Himself, 4553 . atcomlasom friu ardis lemnethu de do hícc, Wb. 4a10 . adcomla friu fessin in fect so `he joins Himself to them now', 3c13 . adcomlatar sidi fri cach tuisel `these are joined to every case', Sg. 51b13 . ciad- comaltar oppidum friss, Sg. 63a17 . fobith inna cenel . . . frisanacomlatar, 198a20 . ní accomlatar epactae . . . fri riaglóri, Thes. ii 17.27 . (BCr.) atcomlasom híc lasnahí dofuircifea bráth i mbethu `he joins himself híc with those whom the Judgement will find alive', Wb. 25b16 . Note also: mar rohaccomlait mar aen / in t-uiscce is in fīn, RC xxxvii 346 § 33 .