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vn. of aidbligid. act of enlarging, increasing: prúll .i. a.¤ mōr ┐ mētugad, Corm. Y 1059 . cenmotat echtaircenela . . . tuccsat d'aidbliughadh a ttionoil `whom they brought to swell their muster', Leb. Gab.(i) 78.12 . tempul Arda Carna [d'aidhbliughadh] la Clarus, Ann. Conn. 1243.11 . ní do chaithrém Tuathail acht da aidhbhliughadh Fher mBolg atu ag cur na ccath-so síos to increase the fame of, Geneal. Tracts 62.14 . Cheville: aidbligthi (sic MS.) in scél a matter for boasting, SR 3051 .

Gramm. act of intensifying: aidbligod and hi comsuidigud, Sg. 216a3 . sens aidbligthe thechtas, 221b3 . di-cechlacēin is diultad, alaill is a.¤ , Corm. Y 418 . interiacht adbligthe hyperbolical (?) interjection, 118 (an interjection of aggrandisement Celtica xxv 93 ).


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interjection (probably not Irish, but a version of the Greek exclamation of surprise βαβαι; cf. in continental word-lists babe admiratio est and babe ammiratio) wow!, whew! Stud. Celt. xxiv/xxv 56 , Celtica xxv 93 : b.¤ interiacht adbligthe de nomine bainb Bris maic Eladain, ar nī raibe i nĒre muc bud grátu. Babgither didiu a hainm-side, Corm. Y 118.