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Forms: aiccent

n o, m. Also aiccent (Lat. accentus, Vendr. Lex.) accent (gramm. term): ind (leg. int?) a.¤ bias forsind ainmnid, Sg. 207a6 . coneperthae cia aiccent ┐ cisi aimser derb thechtas, 26a6 . buith ind aiccind in fine `the accent's being on the end', 213b1 . nert an aiccind, b3 . huare is fo oen (sic leg.) aicciund adfiadar, 74b8 . iar riagoil chenelaig a.¤ indobriathraib amal as ṅdliged aicend indóbriathraib olchene, 220a5 . do chenéul in aiccendaib, 75a7 . Perh. infl. by aicned nature (or is this the word intended?) in: comacomul . . . ceneóil ┐ . . . folaidh ┐ airmhi ┐ aicenta, Auraic. 1902 . is e int a.¤ hisin, ib. dinin disail a forbaidh .i. a aicnid lasin Laitneoir, 1544 , aiccent, 4130 etc.