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áil act of asking; request, wish; it is desirable, meet, proper; wishes, desires
1 ail 1 boulder, rock; large stone; stone boundary-mark2 grave-stone; grave-stone 3 monument, memorial(?)4 foundation, basis (of law, etc.); immoveable rock i.e. unshakeable testimony
2 ail 1 disgrace, reproach; act of reproaching; verbal insult; In physical sense blemish, defect 2Name of a type of satire 3 misfortune (esp. of death or wounding in battle)
3 ail something pointed, weapon(?)
4 ail gentle, shy, modest; modest-minded(?)
áil(gi)gid desires, wants
1 con-ail nurses together, rears together, jointly
marg(g)áil chaffering, trafficking
páb(h)áil paving