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Forms: armand

n f. n p. armand, LU 11056 . place: is sruith ind a.¤ indid epiur, Wb. 4b26 . isind airmm gl. ubi, 4d2 . hu a.¤ gl. e rigione, Ml. 119a8 . a.¤ cussu rucad i slait / is í tuc ainm dond Eoraip, LL 16354 . rancatar co a.¤ i mboí F., LU 3350 ( SCC 14 ). acht co fíasur in n-a.¤ atá, 3373 (ib. 16). dia cloisir do guth cosin a.¤ seo, Laws v 190.7 Comm. Compd. 'na harmfocus `near at hand', Ériu xvi 161 § 8 . a.¤ .i. ionadh, O'Cl.

With the interrog. part. cía a.¤, cairm in what place? where?: ni fiastar som cia a.¤ indid immaircide do epert amén, Wb. 12d18 . cairm (.i. ubi .i. cid cairm .i. ubi) i cúala clūas `where hath ear of anyone heard it? Thes. ii 332.5 (Hy. v). cairm in tibre dam? where wilt thou give (it) to me? Trip.² 1939 . cisi a.¤ hi táside?, LU 3346 ( SCC 13 ). indid damse cit n-armand / hi fil chend erred Ul[ad], LU 11056 . ro chanustar C. ca ha.¤ a fuil D., MR 178.17 .

As conj. where (see GOI p. 546 ): a.¤ i fuirsitis in torcc arimbad and furruimtis a praintech there where they should find a boar, there they should put their refectory, Thes. ii 242.4 (Ardm.). a.¤ i naisṅdethat de dubiis generibus `the place in which they treat of double genders', Sg. 70b13 . a.¤ hi foí, BDD² 488 . a marbadh a.¤ ar saraigh comurba Brigde, RC xvii 381.9 . dóig rafetatar a.¤ condricfaitis na da curaid, LL 10234 . a.¤ .i. baile no inad . . . muna bat reille relltecha a.¤ concurtar cuir, O'Dav. 158 . nach a.¤ wherever: nach a.¤ indatochrathar im imséna `wherever they may happen to be concerned about a conflict of evidence', Críth G. 418 and n. nach a.¤ ata homo his isin scriptuir is do tormach aprisce doen da scripthuir, Hib. Min. 13.454 . nach a.¤ im mbid naidm, Laws v 368.12 Comm.


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adj unarmed: essairm .i. cen arm, O'Mulc. 449 . ócbad n-essairm, gillanrad diairm, CRR 38 . Cf. cianernn immue nesairm, IT iii 52.2 .