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adv. (prep. al + suff. pron. 3 s. n., GOI § 825 ) yonder: al-fid .i. ala[i] ri (sic leg.) fid, Corm. Y 298 . ar n-glanad a claideam-tir doib allae `when they had cleared their sword-land yonder', Todd Nenn. lxxi 28 . co nnóebaib Alban alla (: clanna) (.i. fri muir anair), Thes. ii 306.3 (Hy. i). co fríth úath-blad alla (: glanda), Metr. Dinds. iv 198.48 . in cath alla cionn comair fris, TBC St. 4672 . Freq. in combinations with other advs. of place, with which it later forms compounds, see allaboss, allamaig, allanair, allanall, allandess, allaníar, allanís, allasíar, allastig, allathair , allathall, allathes, allathíar, allathís, allathúaid. Note also alla alla for Cu Chulaind cía fil alla?, LU 9090 .


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Last Revised: 2019

adj (alla(e) + 1 tair) in the east : for ur Erpoint allather `on the eastern border of E.', TTr.² 33 . rí Alban allathair , PBerchán § 24 .