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v (ammus) aims at, hits, strikes: in duine ba hail leo d'amas isin tigh don tslisin is e ro aimsitis, Laws iii 226.26 Comm. ni thelgtis nad amsitis, TBC-LL¹ 3559 . ni fer d'airithe no aimsed neach and, CCath. 5679 . ro haimsedh eissidhe go seóildireach durchor do pheilér, AFM v 1802.2 . ro amais Toirrdhealbhach tadhcc d'urchor do pheilér, vi 2308.8 . dá uair nó a thrí teilgthear lais / na heoin áille is níor amais, DDána 82.25 . tug urchar da hionnsuighe gur amuis 'n-a héadan í, Keat. ii 3307 . nó go n-aimsear an uair cheart until I hit upon the right hour, Dán Dé xvii 9 .


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Forms: amas, amais

n u, m. Later o. amas m. (g s. and n p. amais), IGT Decl. § 53 . Vn. of ad-midethar. See Celtica i 339 .

(a) attempt, effort: ind aimsea gl. adnisús, Ml. 104a1 . ambat nersaigthi a n-aimsi gl. inritís conatibus, 127c25 . amsiu gl. conátus (noxios), 16a2 . int a.¤ admidethar a combach `the effort which he makes to break it' (the Host), Thes. ii 253.14 . dá éignighe do-bheir duine amus ar aithrighe do dhéanamh however hard a person tries to repent, TSh. 2431 .

(b) act of tempting, temptation: ainsium ar lín a.¤ protect me against a number of temptations, Fél. Jan. 30 . ní digen a.¤ forsin Coimdid I shall not tempt the Lord, Trip.² 2326 . tiagam cu tartam a.¤ fair dús in fortachtaigfe a déa, 2618 . ni tharda amus for da choimdid ┐ for da Dia, PH 4717 .

(c) act of attacking; attack: connar étad ní dóib asna amsib sin so that they could not be harmed by those attacks, IT i 74 § 12 (LMU). fógluaisi Fuamnach gaeth n-ammais, Ériu xii 154.19 . tucus-[s]a amais mora ┐ ro elodar as gach amus (of Juno's attempts to harm the Trojans), Aen. 1618 . rotesctha milidh righ isínd amus sin, BB 206b42 . le hamas oidhche, Rel. Celt. ii 301.37 . ocht bfhaolchoin do amus forsan ttréd, BNnÉ 183 § 5 . sgaram re haimsibh Éreann, IGT Decl. ex. 1351 . amus longphuirt attack on a camp, ZCP xiv 249.11 . do tabairt amuis longpuirt ar feraib Erenn, RC xviii 273.3 (Tig.). amus caillea (amass coilledh, v.l.) attack in a wood, Cog. 74.13 . Fig. amus ceneoil do denum de no tuilithe do rad ris to assail his legitimacy, Laws i 192.4 Comm. do beir amus do bachall Ísu fair, Trip. ii 454.9 . dergthair coltur iarsain i tenid et dober in liaig a.¤ de for broind ind fir makes as if to attack the man's chest, LL 329a41 . in duine ba hail leo d'amas . . . don tslisin the person whom they wished to hit with the withe, Laws iii 226.26 Comm. nach neich fora tabrad a.¤ , RC viii 50.4 ( LL 13327 ). ba nār laiss a.¤ amlaid fair that he should be insulted like this, BColm. 74.10 .

(d) guess, conjecture: is hé a a.¤ lemm gl. cum iam fere centum annorum esset, Wb. 2c27 . hua ambus gl. conicio, Ml. 75d8 . huand a.¤ gl. coniectura, 91c6 . amus nó baramhail, Keat. i 46.11 . go dtug gach aon . . . amus fair made a guess at it, 103.25 .

(e) act of hitting the mark: do anfadh én re a amas `the bird would wait to be struck', Studies 1920, 99 § 12 . nach teibeadh aonurchar air gan an t-ubhall d'amus without hitting the apple, Keat. ii 3301 . do lógh eólchoire dhamos from being plunged in grief, Gleanings from Irish manuscripts 19 § 29 . do-bheirid an drong oile amus ar na harmaibh `seized the arms', Keat. iii 2847 . tugsad amus ar a gcorránuibh seized their hooks, PCT 285 . Prob. also in: a ḟorom ┐ a a.¤ ┐ a ammsigi, LL 8291 (TBC).

(f) Metr. assonance , imperfect rhyme: ní fhuil san amus acht fogar ionann do bheith ag na guthaidhibh etc., Éigse vi 345.3 . See p. 344 - 348 and Ir. Syll. Poetry 9 .

In prep. phrase for (ar) a.¤ Orig. expressing purpose, anticipation etc.: ar amus oencat[h]a for the purpose of a single battle, CCath. 5504 . da for nertadh ar a.¤ mait[h]iusa do denamh, 5524 . fuaratar clocha . . . co mbertis leo iat for amus a llias, PH 1035 . atnagar an long ar a hamus the ship is brought to fetch her, ACL iii 309.20 .

Hence against: sluaiged la Toirrdelbach ar amus Tighernain, RC xviii 176.7 (Tig.). credimsi in firDia cedna / dom churp ar amus eca `helper of my body against death's attack', RC xxiii 408.2 . tionóilid go h-armtha ar amus na Lionóidech, Hy Fiach. 336.7 .

Most frequ. in purely local sense to, towards (see St. Ercuil Gloss.): comēirgid Ulaid ara amus, TBC-I¹ 528 . tiagait . . . for a.¤ Ratha Ini, TFerbe 57 . ac tócuriud Conch. ar a.¤ a fhledi, MU² 155 . rogell Tairrdelbach co tibredh aramus na cleirech `deliver him to the clergy' (of a prisoner), RC xviii 162.21 . In hostile sense: tarlaicset a tri coíctu camman ar ammus a chendmullaig in meice, LL 8342 .

1 art

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n [o, m.] ` bear ', GOI 116 . Wortk. 43 . Usually fig. of a hero: is hé in leo lond . . . is é in t-a.¤ amnas agsidi forrges gail, TBC-LL¹ 5406 . Eochu a.¤ arachridethar cathrai, Ält. Ir. Dicht. ii 22 § 1 (.i. uasal, LL). cāine airt, 27 § 1. ha.¤ hān fēal fuirri . . . Ailill, Ériu xvi 146.23 . artt læchda Liphi, ZCP xii 235 § 53 . Eogan mac Néill, a.¤ mōr monaid, ZCP viii 299.33 . ardri Alpan a.¤ arand, Arch. Hib. ii 55 § 20 . a.¤ athnertach ind ūabair Flathbertach, § 19. a inis na n-a.¤ , Gadelica 12 § 9 . For a.¤ fine see 1 ard. Note also: darchinnius . . . mo chuib / ar chribais (.i. ar muicc) illeirg ar a.¤ (.i. feoil) / daceird, IT i 162.4 . a.¤ .i. feoil, P. O'C. a.¤ ┐ alt limb, member, an article, ib. Compd. ¤-amas : ar slógh n-art-amhas (: ḟaltanas) nÉireann, Content. xii 3 . Frequ. as, see Corp. Gen. Index.


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Forms: cétmus, cétus, cétomus, cétmus, cétus, cētomus

conj (1 cét- + tomus. See Éigse vii 157 - 8 , CRR Gloss.). Earlier cétmus, whence cétus (-ús?). Also cétomus, -tumus. Freq. with len. ch-. GOI 248 .

(a) In phr. bad chotamus doṅ chetamus fair sin measure for measure, tit-for-tat , CRR 7 , 8 . ? Cf. ceadamus .i. in cetna ai for seis no in cetnai fis no in cétna amas forsa ḟaisnes, Lec. Gl. 180 . cetamus .i. cetna, Stowe Gl. 273 .

(b) Adv. firstly, to begin with, originally : ceadas .i. ar tús, O'Cl. cétmus `in the first place', Wb. 23b34 . ríi benn c.¤ (in list), Críth G. 448 . ropa cridiscel dam cedamus `my first wish was', Mon. Tall. 136.21 . cétus, Trip.² 635 . cētomus, Sc.M² 11 . itosuch chetumus, LL 13296 ( RC viii 48 ). cetar-cubaid garit dialtach cetomus (in list), IT iii 15 § 33 . cid ma tanic tu-su chidus . . . isin n-eclais?, YBL 146a15 . rob í ar gceardcha céadamhas (: solas), Ir. Review 1913, 594 § 5 . soil cédus, IGT Introd. § 23 .

(c) In wider sense however, moreover, indeed, even, etc.: ni aurtet ní laisim cetamus a tabirt `he does not hold it admissible, however, to give it', Mon. Tall. 143.14 . saer i suidiu ndair . . . daer i suide saeir cetamus on the other hand(?), Laws v 20.13 . nit athgénmár or E. Atotgénsa chetus ol in t-ócláech, LU 10801 (TE) `however', Ériu xii 175 . adfét dó . . . ainm cech prímdune . . . adfét dó chetumus a n-íathu ┐ a n-áthu moreover, LU 5106 = chetamus, TBC-I¹ 621 . con-aitchecht C. dig . . . Nís-fil and ch.¤ unfortunately there is none, BDD² 1432 . damad d'escairdibh cetamus noberad cosccur if only, CCath. 3700 . ni thuicemni cedus a raidhit we don't even understand what they say, IT iii 187.4 . chetus in ben sa is sí in glan genmnaid indeed(?), LU 3907 ( SCC 42 ). na hidail-sea citus, ni dat dee, PH 2353 `indeed', Gloss.


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Forms: f.

n f., earlier n.? (n s. f.¤ n-imana, Laws v 476.26 ; forcrad n-anma, BDD 62 Y). Excess, superfluity, that which is above (a certain limit or standard): forcraidh .i. iomarcaidh, O'Cl. forcrith .i. in cibis et vestimentis , Wb. 12c1 . atá leusom di forcrid a ndudesta airib si (gl. quod vobis deerat ipsi suppleverunt) 14a33 . ind f.¤ ... fil for aicniud isna corpaib roremraib `the excess over nature' LU 2559 ( RC xxv 238 ). dom f.¤, dom hessbadaib (= my overstatements and understatements ?) SR 818 . coic bliadna déc ... do f.¤ for a saegul as an addition to his life 7240 . mani lusar forcrith forsin mesair if they do not drink beyond the measure Ériu vii 150 § 15 . étgud cen f.¤ , LL 371c30 . Folld. by gen. : ní f.¤ anma son `that is not much of a name' LU 6975 ( BDD 62 = ni forcrad n-anma Y). forcruidh lina (.i. imurcruidh daine), Laws ii 28 . tria forcraidh n-eolusa by their superior knowledge i 20.20 . f.¤ fomelta for oin `to wear a loan to excess' Laws v 476.20 . Cf. fiach forcra foimealta a fine for excessive use O'Gr. Cat. 129.27 . forcraidh tothchusa the excess of property possessed by a married woman over what she brought at her marriage Laws ii 384.25 Comm. (see Stud. in E. Ir. Law p. 41 ). is f.¤ ingrema dún a marbad it is superfluous persecution to kill them (of people dying of starvation) LB 155a34 . rochinnestar C. f.¤ ceime tar conair co Congal `a step beyond the boundary' MR 254.21 . Following subst., either in gs. or in appos.: dobert trian forcridi de usci ar chuid cach lae added one third of water Mon. Tall. § 52 . dā mnā dēc forcraidi bādur oc macaib Miled (i.e. twelve women in excess of the men) Lec. (facs.) 144a12 (Todd Todd Nenn. 126 ). soerais cech fleid forcraid `every surfeiting banquet' (an excess which ennobles every b. ?) Fél. Sept. 25 . cf. the annotation: co nach erchoitenn nach fled ... cid forcraid hi, ib. 210 . ni bi dialt f.¤ in nechtar dē sech aroile, Corm. Y 447 (forcrith LB). tánise ríg ... cóic ṡenchléthe forcraid laiss sech airig forggaill, Críth G. 436 . .v. lanamna déc ... ┐ amas forcraidh cen mnai an extra soldier ZCP x 137.15 = Lec. (facs.) 3b40 . As sobriquet (?) : Fergus forcraith, AU 702 . Bresal m. Fergusa forcraid, Rawl. 141a39 . [Oengus] m. Fergusa forcraid, 125a15 . Cf. cēle f.¤ , Caratnia 31 which Thurn. would (unnecessarily ?) amend: c. forgrāid.


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adj o, ā (túaraim) doubtful, guessing: gé thugamar amas ar aithris go tuairmeach, Ó Bruad. iii 178.1 .