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2 ám moving to and fro, stir, motion
anúas 1 from above, down; somet. simply above; down on, in contact with from above; over and above, in addition 2In chronology downwards 3brings into a discussion, cites, quotes 4
-ch- and
2 co 1 (together) with, accom- panied by, and 2With nouns indicating objects with, having, carrying, etc. 3With nouns of less concrete meaning (together) with, provided with, and 4Of instrument with, by means of, through
3 co 1 so that, and (consecutive) 2In quantitative contexts (to the extent) that, (so much so) that 3 until 4 that 5 so that, in order that.
do-aig Drives off, drives away (in leg. phraseology almost = seizes); drives (goes) back (again); to and fro, hither and thither, vagrant; face to face
drúcht 1 dew; As surety in an oath 2 moisture resembling dew; mildew; manna 3 dew of a goddess' (?), a kenning for corn and milk
emid as it were, nearly, almost as much as, `tanquam,' `quasi'; not only...but also, both...and
2 es and
eter, etir 1 Between; Of disputes,2 Among 3 both...( and ), including...( and )
folúamain moving to and fro, fluttering, flying; hovering (above); quivering; whizzing; Esp. of a panic- stricken fugitive or `geilt'
fonnam rapid movement to and fro; palpitation (?)
forlethan 1 Broad above 2 Wide, extensive; far and wide, at large; Wide in scope; undefined
forlúaimnech 1 restlessness
2 glas 1of green or greenish hue (esp. of growing things, grass, trees, etc.); green hazel; green branches; green oak; green- spiked (of corn); green-grassy; a green cornfield; a green sward; blue, greenish blue; greyish blue; keen and blue (?); blue-waved; Seems to be used of the blue dye extracted from woad; Of the practice of tattooing with woad; a Viking; Of frost or ice; Of shades of grey; a grey stallion; a grey mist; wan (of complexion); bluish, livid, discoloured; faded (of garments); a livid mark, bruise; pallid; reddish-grey; dark-blue; livid 2a stage of self-mortification; fresh, young; fresh, raw, sharp; Of the weather (prob. orig. grey, overcast); harsh; out and out, stark; neutral-tinted, hence fig. plain, unpretentious, unassum- ing; an immigrant from overseas (lit. grey wolf) 3name of a crozier; a warrior-band of the Fianna; the child of an Irish woman by a foreigner; descendants of a woman by a cú glas; a boar; a wolf (?)
1 il With a noun in pl. many, numerous; With a noun in sg. manifold, much, great:; many, a multitude; more, more numerous, greater; stronger; greater; more and more numerous; more and more numerous; very many; greatly; the more; many dwellings; many materials ?; manifold combat, many fights; many materials; many races, many families; many slayings; many weapons; many names; many heights; many fords; many limbs; many languages; many horned animals; many burdens,' many tasks ?; many savours; many blossoms; many years; great diversification, great variegation; manifold variety; many words; many victories, many outstanding qualities; great excellence ?; many bands; many affairs, many troubles; many battles; many cities; many treacheries; many churches; many kinds; many provinces; many heads; many melodies, many har- monies, manifold music; many crafts, many accom- plishments; act of torturing in various ways'; many hundreds; many cattle, cattle of various kinds; many meanings; many races; many tricks; many hounds; mani- fold heirship; many en- counters, many combats; many turns ? many circles ?; many territories; many delays; many gifts, many arts, many accomplish- ments; sg. dán varied skill, manifold science; sg. and pl. many hues, varied colouring; many differences; many shapes, varied shapes; many fines, many compensations; varied enchantments; many elements; many slayings, many slain; much decoration, much inlay; many weapons, varied weapons; many divisions; manifold division; much delay; many cries, much clamour; much joy; much rejoicing or merrymaking; many spells, many enchantments; many hostages; many arrangements, manifold equipment; many kinds, varied appearances; many deeds, various deeds; many sounds; many orders, many grades; many orna- mentations, many illuminations (of a MS.); very many, a great quantity; many blades; many letters; many places; many tribes, many families; much wealth, many treasures, many gifts; many seas; many dead; many desires; many animals; many thousands; many soldiers; many women; many ways; many snakes, various snakes; many parts; many sins; multiplicity of persons, many persons; many pains, varied pains; act of torturing in many ways; pl. varied tortures; many or varied beasts, many reptiles; s. monster, serpent; many parts, various parts:; many graces, many blessings; many shapes; many paths, many ways; many floods, many seas ?; many stars; manifold course ?, many courses ?; many mysteries, varied mystery ?; many psalms; many possessions; many wives; many hosts; many dwellings; many translations; many lands; many meanings; many peoples; many waters; very vast; sur- rounded by many angels; many-weaponed; of manifold sweetness; very sweet, very tasty; very eager, very quick; much variegated, very spotted; much variegated; very foul; of many judgments, critical; very fiery; of many victories, having many outstanding qualities; very beautiful, possessing many charms; of many races; peopled with many races; many-headed; of many melodies ?, very melodious ?; music-haunted; skilled in many crafts, very skilful, skilfully made; of many meanings; having many descendants, having many divisions; possessed of many qualities or qualifica- tions ?; of many feats, of many tricks; very wily ? : as subst.; very wolfish, very fierce; very quarrel- some, much given to complaining; very pious; having many wounds ?, very badly wounded ?; very shapely ?, of many shapes, of varied beauty ?; very hard; very gifted, skilled, accomplished, having many gifts or accomplishments (frequently used as subst.); Of the heads of crafts; a jack-of-all-trades; many-coloured; Name of a mythical country; many-coloured; having many shapes, adorned with many figures; beautiful ?; many-shaped; many-hued ?; much adorned, adorned in various ways; armed with many weapons; sharp-sworded; containing many words; agreeable, pleasing; possessing many powers or enchantments; many-virtued; of many kinds; Divers; skilled in the performance of many deeds; many faced; many-wounding; many-voiced; very distinguished; very hideous, very ugly; adorned with much ornamental work; very numerous, manifold; very wealthy, possessing varied treasures; very covetous; very splendid, very bright; abounding in monsters; abounding in grace; many-formed ?; very frenzied ?; with much bad-weather; changeable; very productive, very fertile; very lordly, very princely
illé 1Of place, hither 2Of time, since, down to the present time 3 moreover, over and above that
immarcraid, immḟorcraid, immarcaid excess, surplus, super- abundance, superfluity; Of people, very many, too many, a multitude; advantage, superiority (over); also oppression, injustice; arrogance; in addition, over and above, besides; In comparisons, a greater amount, a greater number
innonn Of place, yonder, over, thither, to that side; of time, hence, forwards, on; of enumeration, on, out; yonder, on that side; henceforth; hither and thither
inunn, in(n)onn 1 alike, equal, the same, identical, the one; that is to say; similar, same, identical; in the same way, alike, equally; the same (thing) as, just as; equal to; not as now; that is to say 2`one and the same,' identical
la 1 beside, by, touching; along by; along with, in the same direction as; in motion with; following the course of, secundum (flumen); with, in the company of; alone; with; in spite of; with, in custody of, at the disposal of; carried or worn by; along with, and , in addition to, as well as; also; either; with, assisting, on behalf of2 Marking point of time, coin- cidence of occurrence or action. Of point of time; with that, immediately, thereupon; during 3on account of, because of, by reason of; through the agency of, by means of; Of accompanying circumstance or condition; con- temporary action 4 by, by the hands of, by direction or order of; at the hands of5 In at, among, with; in, amongst, with, of customs and usages, corresponding to in, amongst, with; In the opinion of, according to; from, at the hands of; with, amongst, at; according to, in the opinion of; This construction very common at all periods to indicate possession of opinion, notion, feeling, desire, impulse, etc.6Denoting possession, ownership, etc.; x owns, possesses y, y belongs to x; In extended meaning x has a right to (do) y; visible, uncovered
1 lethach 1 divided in half, reduced by one half, half and half 2 divided in two
menadach gruel made of meal and water (or occas. butter); a common diet for penitents.
1 monad 1 money (esp. coin, but also bullion); medium of exchange; metal?2 tribute, wealth, produce; cattle 3 stamp', kind, sort; ? material; and so forth 4a mint?
mór, már 1 big, great; blustering (?); a great while; a great thing, in Glosses used adverbially = greatly; beyond counting; great = mighty, famous 2a great amount, a great deal (many); very often 3 greatly, to a great extent; especially; more and more 4 it is not (too) much for me, I require, I ought to (have, do); I think it much, excessive; I think much of, esteem, value, etc.; I think much (highly) of:; very little, hardly at all; almost; it is not much that (if) . . . = scarcely, hardly; almost; not more = nor . . . either; not more than, only 5a great battle; great guilt, a great crime; strong ale; a great birth (child, scion); a great circuit; as adv. (absolute or with i n-) all round, about; great Easter; big-headed; pro- lific 6 very; very great; much greater; the great battler; sluggards; very valiant; of mighty deeds; deserving much praise; great-billowed; bearing great (? many) apples
1 muin 1the upper part of the back between the shoulders and below the neck; on his back; a child on the back' (technical term for a certain metrical fault); humbug; on horseback; on the pig's back = in luck 2 upper part, top, surface; Of the top or ridge of a hill (?) 3 on, on top of; Over and above, in addition to; besides, as well; in succession; for the sake of (?); at back of, behind; following on, subse- quent to, in consequence of; on account of; in respect of; with all one's heart, sincerely; protected by, under the guarantee of, on the strength of; on the back (top) of = in addition to; on account of 4a neck; a collar, torque 5-necked; wry- necked; short-necked
7 nach and … not
2 neo and
1 nó or; and; either . . . or
1 noch 1 but, however, and yet 2 that is to say; and
2 ocus 1 since, seeing that
4 ol? and
ollsceo? and (?)
2 os and
3 os and
sair 1in a forward direction, forwards, to the front 2 eastwards 3 to and fro
scamach lung-infection of humans and cattle
1 sceo and
1 sen 1 old money; an old woman; an old judgement, a precedent; old, original people; an old- standing offence; an old error; prudence; an old man; an old grievance; old (i.e. proven) horse; old English (i.e. Anglo-Normans); old vexation; a veteran; an ancient book, Scripture; original people; old, inverterate sin; a proverb; an experienced knight; an old person; matured bacon; old hard-cure; ancient legend; reciter of old tales; original document; an old family; early translation 2 yellow from age; proverbial; ever young, or perh., both old and young
taeb 1 side; side of human, animal's body; side of face, cheek; Hence by metonymy the human body, form; page (of book); shroud 2 side in a dispute argument, fight, etc.; direction, part, region; the South; side, branch of family 3 trust, reliance, confidence (fri, later la in); In phr. do-beir t. fri trusts, confides in; entrusts x to y; trust in (?); accost; awaiting; relying on, dependent on, hence having no other ... but 4 on each, every side; from one side to the other; through and through; side by side, adjoining each other, together; together, united; simultaneously; aside, laterally; side by side 5 as regards; on account of; outside; beside, on one side of; in regard to, with respect to, concerning; willingly; With reference to descent from one side or another of the family; on account of, as a result of; from, having regard to; beside, near; along, by the side of; as well as, in addition to, besides; in comparison with, compared with; with respect to; in anticipation of ?; beside, near; as regards, with respect to; as a result of; in favour of (?); in respect of (?)6 flank attack; out-houses; side of the back; purity of body; border, boundary; jumping aside; sloping side; hacking the side, body; wounding the side, body; shearing, devastating; sluggishness; swimming on the side; side measurement; hearth (?); side-striking; breast; huge-sided, spacious; fair-sided; strong-sided; having the body hacked, wounded; smooth-sided; wounded in the side; firm-sided; lit. bold-sided; pure- sided; red- sided; brown-sided; dark-sided; bright-sided; long-sided, tall (of persons); white-sided, bright-sided, fair in form; hacked; pure-sided, fair-sided; green-sided; blue-sided; pregnant; side-flaming; slender-sided; broad-sided; rosy-cheeked; bare-sided, naked; fresh, young; smooth-sided; sluggish, slothful; red- sided; having wounded sides; side-gaping; slender-sided; smooth-sided; lopped (?); bright-sided; thin-sided, slender-sided; side-cut, having the sides wounded; dry-sided, dry-sloped; having perforated, wounded sides; having plaited (?) sides; heavy-sided, stout; stately (?); Of women pregnant; green-sided, —sloped; cold-sloped
talam 1 the earth; the earth, the world; earth as opposed to heaven; country, territory 2 earth, ground as distinct from air and water (in this sense occasionally in pl.; In general sense of earth, ground, soil; earth- quake; the earth as enveloping medium; an underground chamber, cellar; Hence also the earth considered as burial-place, the grave; the earth as a surface, crust; to the ground, down; the earth in explicit antithesis to sky and water; Hence dry land 3 earth as a substance, clay; Of the Virgin Mary
tan, tain 1 time, while, point of time 2 when, whenever; seeing that, since; when, whenever; until, before; since, seeing that; Final that; if; whenever; since 3 of old, once; `meanwhile' (?); sometimes ... sometimes; now and again, sometimes; sometimes ... sometimes; once; at any time, at some time or other; at all times, constantly; then; at this time, now; now; suddenly, immediately; afterwards, then; afterwards, then; for a time
timthirecht 1act of going to and fro; act of serving, ministering to; ministration; Of religious ceremonies; act of supplying 2 anus
2 tórmachtaid more and more; increasingly
trúag 1 wretched, pitiable, miserable, sad; invalids; thin, lean, emaciated (of persons and animals) 2 wretch, miserable person; the strong and the weak, all, everybody; In voc. as term of abuse or disparagement 3In various phrases indicating sorrow, regret, fore- boding, etc. (copula frequ. unexpressed); alas for, woe is, woe to; x is sorry for, that; regrets
tuilled 1 act of increasing, adding to 2 increase, additional quantity, supplement; in addition ?; and more; in addition (?)3an additional name, cognomen 4 more of
turchairthech 1Of the sea, seashore, etc. rich in wrack, flotsam and jetsam, produce, fish; fruitful 2In general rich, prosperous, fortunate
turchur 1act of throwing, placing 2 chance, hap, accident 3 valuables washed up by the sea, flotsam and jetsam, wrack 4 windfall, good fortune, luck, prosperity
uball, ubull 1the fruit of the apple-tree, an apple; a crab-apple; wild-apple; the fruit of other trees, viz. fig and palm trees, etc.; a pomegranate; a pomegranate; a date; the fruit of the forbidden tree; apple of discord, etc. (of classical mythology); the apple of the eye : (fig.); the apple of the throat, Adam's apple 2any globular object, a ball; as an ornament to confine the hair; musical balls; feat-apples; a weapon of warfare, a missile, cannon-ball; the ball of a (ball-and-socket) joint (Anat.); the pommel of a sword; the knob at the butt-end of a spear(?); the boss of a shield