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Forms: frisuithi

n io, n. (cf. fris-suidi `is equivalent to' Thurn. ZCP xv 309 . Some of the citations s.v. frithaigid may as Thurn. believed (l.c. and Stud. in E. Ir. Law 71 ) belong to this word. focal i frithsuidiu (name of a subspecies of áer `satire') BB 299a26 = focul i f.¤ , ACL i 160y . isin focul f.¤ (sic leg.), O'Dav. 1547 . trefocal ... cen na focla frisi n-aprait filid frithsuithe, ACL iii 293.7 = frisuithi, Auraic. 1933 . is edh do ni focul frithaithe ann, comrac aīre ┐ molta, ZCP xvi 215 ( H 4.22, 88 ). focul i frithsuidhiu dono .i. comharc molta ┐ fācabhair focul ann for bru aīre ut dx. ... A tanaidhi taebgil Teamra | ni me acht is tū | a be. ce. de. pe. qū. isī bis i frithṡuidhi ann sin , BB 299a40 . (H. Meroney who has edited this tract Jn. Celt. Stud. i 201 ff . renders f.¤ i f.¤ `word in opposition'). focul i f.¤ .i. molad huile acht in focul dédenach, Jn. Celt. Stud. i 212 ( H 3.18, 870 ).