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anac(c)ar(th)ach stubborn, obstinate, pitiless
ár Slaughter, carnage; defeat, destruction; slaughter of heads, a taking of heads; those slain, slaughtered ones; slaughter-track
1 ar 1 before, in front of; before 2 for, for the sake of, on behalf of, etc.; for the sake of, by; on account of, because of; on account of it, therefore; instead of, in place of, as substitute for, in meaning of; counts as; in return for, in exchange for, as price of, in payment for, as equivalent of; preference; for the purpose of, in order to obtain; by virtue of, by means of, through; In general sense of in respect of, with regard to, in the matter of, relating to, etc.; about (of stories, books, reading, etc. In late exx. only. Perh. orig. for in this meaning); from; from; against
2 ar for, since, seeing that, for the reason that
3 ar says,
4 ar 1act of ploughing, tilling, cultivating; husbandry; duty-work; agriculture 2 the land ploughed, cultivated land
5 ar 1 our, belonging to us
ar-aicci observes, witnesses
ar-áili 1 enjoins, urges an action etc. on (for) a person: 2 induces, causes, brings about
ar-báigi 1 fights, contends 2 boasts
ar-beir 1 world; lives; eats; uses, employs etc.; practises (of an art etc.); wields (of kingship) 2 pleads, makes use of or applies a procedure, etc.(?); opposes; expresses; subdues, quells(?)
ar-berna makes a gap in, impairs, diminishes
ar-berta proposes, intends, designs
ar-biatha 1 feeds, nourishes 2Legal supplies food-rent (to)
ar-cain sings, chants, recites. Applied to poetry, charms, and magical formulas as also to legal pronouncements and maxims,
ar-ceissi 1 pities, has compassion on 2 complains
ar-cela Takes away, steals, carries off
ar-cing steps forward, marches to the encounter
ar-clich wards off, and hence with transferred obj. defends
ar-coat prevents, hinders.; refrains from, delays (an action)
ar-coimtimm excuses oneself
ar-cuilli 1 prohibits, forbids, bars, inhibits 2 ruins, corrupts(?)
ar-cuirethar 1 increases, extends; prolongs 2 represents(?)3 turns back, turns away(?) 4 overthrows; casts on, throws on
ar-dáili 1 pours out, distributes 2makes a tryst with
ar-dalla blinds
ar-derca looks
ar-dérg(a) proposes, intends
ar-díbdai extinguishes, quenches, destroys
ar-díben cuts off, slays; Comm. limits(?); Comm. determines, fixes(?)
ar-ding crushes, compresses
ar-dlig deserves, is entitled to, has a claim on
ar-dlong splits, cleaves; sunders, separates
ar-dúna closes (against)
ar-éigi cries out, laments, complains
ar-eim Accepts, receives
ar-éirig rises up before (in token of esteem), yields
ar-elma prepares for, takes heed of
ar-feith 1 looks after
ar-fen erects a fence before; excludes, debars
ar-fet 1 precedes, takes precedence of 2 Perh. tends, looks after
ar-fich 1 fights, does battle 2 overcomes, vanquishes
ar-finnathar knows beforehand, finds out
ar-fócair 1 proclaims, announces (to FOR, later DO); In sense of denounces 2 commands, orders; warns
ar-fogni 1 is serviceable to, ministers to, serves 2 prepares food, a meal
ar-foichlea 1 gets ready beforehand, prepares, provides for 2 looks after, takes care of, attends to 3 prepares against, takes heed, looks out for
ar-foím 1 accepts, receives, assumes, takes 2 agrees to (a proposal), consents to: 3 accepts (ill-treatment), submits to: 4 permits, allows
ar-folmathar undertakes, ventures on
ar-fuirig holds back, restrains.; stays, remains
ar-gaib Seizes, captures, takes hold of; raises up, lifts up
ar-gair 1 forbids, hinders, prevents; hinders y in the matter of x; checks, is a match for
ar-gella 1 replaces, takes the place of
ar-gíalla gives hostages to, submits to
ar-glana clears (land, roads)
ar-íada excludes
ar-icc 1 comes upon, meets, finds 2 effects, contrives, brings to pass 3 devises; composes, invents 4 decides on, purposes
ar-imgaib 1 eludes
ar-ingaib avoids, flees from
ar-labrathar speaks (legal pleads) for, on behalf of:
ar-léga reads out or aloud, recites; Of sacrament, orders
ar-léici 1 lets go, releases; Abandons; Permits, allows 2 lets out, lends 3 borrows
ar-ling jumps (forward)
ar-meil grinds
ar-midethar 1 hits (a mark), aims at, strikes 2 attains to, succeeds in doing something
ar-muinethar honours, venerates
ar-naisc binds, guarantees, etc., but most frequ. in more specialized sense of betroths, gives in marriage (DO to)
ar-neät 1 expects, awaits 2 waits for 3 sustains, supports, upholds, assumes responsibility for 4 stops, stays, holds back
ar-neget prays.; he prays
ar-nig cleanses.
ar-oirg slays, destroys
ar-oslaici 1 opens.2 reveals, discloses
ar-peiti For the orig. literal meaning blows or sounds before; In the exx. us. sounds to, plays for, entertains, etc., with subject meaning music, entertainment; musician(s), etc.
ar-reith accuses, brings to trial; sets out for, captures, overtakes
ar-ren pays (more strictly hands over) on behalf of another or pays over (something) in place of (something else)
ar-rócaib raises, erects, sets up, hangs up
ar-saig 1 goes towards, advances on 2 entails, incurs(?)
ar-saíli expects
ar-scaíli looses, hurls
ar-scarta cleans out, clears
ar-seinn plays (music)
ar-sisbis brought forth, bore
ar-sissedar Stays, stands fast, rests, remains; stops, desists, gives up; Halts, delays; Endures, persists
ar-slig Smites, slays.
ar-suidi 1who sat in front?2 makes terms, settles conditions, stipulates
ar-tá 1In physical sense is before, is in front of, is present 2 is at the head of, excels, surpasses 3 is in store for, impends 4 results from 5 remains over 6 has, is wearing, etc.
ar-tét goes in the place of, com- pensates for
ar-tócaib raises
ar-toing swears on behalf of, guarantees by oath(?)
ar-troítha checks, restrains
ar-túaisi keeps silence; listens to, pays heed to
ar-utaing builds up, restores, refreshes.
cos(s)ar act of strewing (together); slaughter, carnage(?); bed, couch; slaughtered bodies, carnage, etc.
2 ér-, ǽr- very
fem(m)ar some kind of edible sea-weed or water- weed
forlas(s)ar a great blaze; great radiance; radiant, dazzling
mem(m)ar 1in Laws a member of a community (often tenant of a chief, who is figuratively styled cend) 2Esp. of the membrum virile
mes(s)ar 1 measure, measurement, limit 2a measure, specified quantity 3a vessel used as a measure; a piggin
Os(s)ar name of a dog
saidid 1 sits, sits down; perches, alights; alights, halts, rests; settles down, dwells; encamps, sits in blockade; settles on, falls to the lot of; stands still, pauses, comes to a stand, remains; decided to, ar- ranged to, adopted
tairmim(ar)chor carrying across, transporting
tairmim(ar)chuirid carries across, trans- ports