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Forms: airbaid

v (the forms found are consistent with those given under attá). Very freq. with inf. pron. in dat. sense. Vn. airbaid?

(a) In physical sense is before, is in front of, is present: slúagad n-ímdub arubtha, LU 4665 ( TBC-I¹ 202 ). gia rasfacaib Cú gan chess / arthá (uair fil v.l. Stowe) crú ma chaladchness blood is present(?), TBC-LL¹ 791 . ? ba gen ┐ fáilte arbíth ar medón ar imtholtain in dá mac there was laughter and joy, TBFr. 114 (sic MS.). ? doadbadar híc nád roscribad do suidib cedacht etarrobe (et arrobe, Sarauw, see note in Thes.) scribent doiib `yet it contained a teaching to them' (i.e. there was in the epistle to the Colossians a message to the Laodiceans), Wb. 27d13 . adbul físi armothá is before my eyes, LL 208a10 . dā rīg trīchat—ardomthā `thirty-two kings there have been—it lies before me' (i.e. the author had a regnal list before him), Celtica v 214 § 9 . forba Eogain ardomtha is in my exemplar ? (? remains to be accounted for, see (e) below), Fen. 314.5 .

(b) is at the head of, excels, surpasses: lan ndire i sét arabi setaib, Laws i 274.3 Comm. Cf. arabí .i. is ferr, ut est [sét] arabi sétuib .i. sét is ferr fhir bís dona sétuibh, O'Dav. 106 . dona bo eiruchuib arabi bo eruchu, Laws ii 152.18 Comm. bo eire arabi bo eire, 21 Comm. asrenar cip dond doberar la rig no rechtaire rig arabi tuath (sic) who is foremost in the territory, iii 240.23 . torc arabí treut `the boar that is the best of the herd', O'Dav. 701 .

(c) is in store for, impends: hóre aruntáa uili techt ar cenn Crist do mess fornn, Wb. 25d25 . arabitis gl. quae instabant, Ml. 43d15 . doadbanar dō annī aradmbí, Corm. Y 756 . ardotraib bennacht cobrath, Rawl. 161a50 . ōen aratha `one thing awaits', Cáin Ad. 21 . níbu shirsan duit . . . aní ardottá; ardottá mór n-imnid, TBFr. 371 . arottá so ollgábad, Comp. CC 57 § 79 (but see Celtica xxi 202 ). arubta amser bas trom, ZCP viii 315.8 . bid trom dīgal aratha / in slān fallach nād ruicc heavy will be the punishment in store for the laggard who arrives not, vii 310 § 5 . arumthá echtre dia tig, Imr. Brain 49 . cid arunta? what is before us? ZCP viii 312.28 . is mōr ar[a]thā (arathá v.l.) / thoitimm la echtranda many are doomed to fall, ZCP xiii 379.6 . is tuilled péine ros ta and, IT i 181.21 (leg. arosta, Vendryes, RC xxxiv 451 ). andsa piana ardom-thaat, Ériu ii 122 § 61 . ni theseba do slondu[d]-su don tīr-se: issed ōn aratā, Dinds. 127 ( RC xvi 80 ). gébas Ailech armothá i rré ar bia `in the time to come', Arch. Hib. ii 50 § 34 . asbert iarom Scathach . . . aní aridboí dia forciund S. told him what destiny was in store for him, LU 10347 . rofitir ní aridmbái he knew what was in store for him, ZCP iii 44 § 22 . meth a gníma itir ní do dicet ┐ ni arabi for nech ar id serba, etc., O'D. 975 ( H 3.17, 679 d). olc sén uare ar dotbí, Mór M. 267 § 11 .

(d) With DE results from: cech rí nad choisc a maccu / issed arbí de taccu, LL 19141 . rofitir inní arbíad de, Trip.² 539 .

(e) remains over: ished inso arathá gl. reliquum est, Wb. 10b3 . ished arthá inso búaid et indocbál domsa gl. in reliquo possita est mihi corona iustitiae, 30d13 . artáa gl. (o mihi sola mei) súper (Astyanactis imago), Sg. 215b4 . restat .i. arta, Thes. ii 44.4 . a lleth n-aile arata the other half which remains, Lib. Hymn. 32.16 . is and gébthair aní arathá the remainder, Trip.² 2892 . sescach Illaind aratha / Eas nGabra ni imrega I.'s stock, which survive (him?), will not, etc., Anecd. i 13.11 ( SCano 423 ). a mbec arathá din dom saegulsa `though little of my life remains to me', RC iii 179.9 ( LL 13991 ). is miach di cach(a) mis ara-bi co ceand mbliadna for every month that remains, Stud. in E. Ir. Law 56 § 28 .

(f) In follg. ar- with inf. pron. is perh. to be translated has, is wearing, etc.: ardomthā cugat cōeca scīath bana, ZCP xiii 175.20 . dornasc d'ór aromthá, LU 3977 ( SCC 45 ). is si caindell ardustá, 3688 (ib. 33 ). ní fess adbar (sic leg. , Corr.) ardosfail what they are made of (the material they have?), Metr. Dinds. iii 130.40 . in tṡlabrad gel ardusbái (sic leg., Corr.), 122.44 . ingnadh adbul asromtha (sic) / for mu chraidhi fo cerdba, Ériu ii 95 § 2 .

See arafia.