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n (Lat. affectus, Vendr. Lex.) affacht ab affectu [.i.] ōn athascnam , O'Mulc. 29 .


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vn. of athascnaid: affacht ab affectu [.i.] ōn a.¤ , O'Mulc. 29 . In sense of ascnam: ? romidair athascnam do Clochar macc nDomini, Trip. 178.20 ( a thascnám, Trip.² 2089 ). do atháscnám (d'insaigid v.l.) ifirn iníchtaraig, IT i 184.21 . iar n-a.¤ flatha nime, 192.25 . co ro-thechta a.¤ bóid ┐ a.¤ n-atharda im a fomamaigthib gentle and fatherly relationship with regard to his subjects(?), PH 4096 .