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v pret. 3 s. a.¤ (atrarpi v.l.) Pātraic anīsin P. forbade that, Corm. Y 756 . Cf. 2 do-rorban.


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Forms: inárbenim, ata-árban, inairben, inarban, indairbenat, indaárben, atatáirbined, n-indarbe, indurbe, inrarba, nachimrindarpai, atrorbe, adrarbbai, adarbetar, inrarpatar, innarbanar, inárbanar, innárbantar, indarbanar, nachitrindarpither, inárpitis, atdobrarbadse, indarbanta, innarbithe, indarbaid

v indic. pres. s 1 inárbenim, Sg. 146b10 . s. 3 ata-árban, Ml. 65a14 . inairben, ZCP xii 364.17 . nad inarban , Laws iii 8.z . pl. 3 indairbenat, Laws ii 288.1 . ipv. s. 2 indaárben, Thes. i 4.31 . s. 3 atatáirbined, Ml. 86c10 . subj. pres. s. 3 are n-indarbe (MS. —indurbe ), Thes. ii 244.24 (Camb.). pret. s. 1 inrarba, Ml. 46b10 . s. 3 nachimrindarpai, Wb. 5a18 . atrorbe (atrarpi, v.l.), Corm. Y 756. adrarbbai, O'Curry 767 (< H 3.18, p. 361a ). p. 3 adarbetar, O'Mulc. 368. inrarpatar, Ml. 23d8 . Pass. pres. s. innarbanar, 14c16 . inárbanar, 73a20 . pl. innárbantar, 15c5 . ipv. s. nacham indarbanar , 56a22 . subj. pres. s. nachitrindarpither, Wb. 5b33 . subj. past. pl. inárpitis, 5c1 . pret. atdobrarbadse, BDD² 416. pl. (with pres. stem): ro indarbanta , Lat. Lives 23.10 . Verbal of necess. innarbithe, O'Curry 875 (< H 3.18, p. 392b ). Later indarbaid ā.

(a) drives out, expels, rejects: is follus isindí nachim-r-indarpai se `in that He has not cast me away,' Wb. 5a18 . ar nachit-r-indarpither frisin fírini per superbiam `lest thou be cast away ...,' 5b33 . are n-indarbe a dualchi óod ocus a pecthu `that he banish from him his vices and his sins,' Thes. ii 244.25 (Camb.). innarbaim uaim ceird na cainti `I expel from me the art of the satirists,' O'Dav. 869. in-árbenar gl. excluditur, Ml. 73a20 . lasse ataárban in fugam, 65a14 . inrarba cech ndeithidin domundai huaim, 46b10 . innarbanar hires trí drochgnimu, 14c16 . corrici cíth besti béoa indaárben úainn ol duaid, Thes. i 4.31 . atdaim ... nad inarban iar fis `one adopts what he does not repudiate after knowledge,' Laws iii 8.z . manai-indarbann acht fo-egi(um) `wenn er nicht `austreibt,' sondern (nur) Einspruch erhebt,' ZCP xiv 381 § 44. nach cor nad-atuim fine, fo n-uasnat, ind-airbenat, 374 § 37. ar is demin linn adrarbbai P. arrobbo anidan cacha cerddae in Erinn, O'Curry 767 (< H 3.18, p. 361a ). nidat innarbithe on eclais, O'Curry 875 (< H 3.18 p. 392b ). nochan iat a drochfolaidh fein innurbut hí `they are not her own bad qualities that cause her to be put away,' Laws iii 60.18 Comm. na fuil aice ni inurbus `anything to return' (of the driving out of cattle received as part of a contract, after the contract has been impugned), ii 294.8 Comm. coro innarbsat Saxono co hInis Teneth, LU 220. dénam córai, ol atdob-rarbadse a tír Hérenn ┐ atan-rarbadne a tír Alban, BDD² 416. dochuiredh[ar] andliged, inairben dliged, ZCP xii 364.17 . ro indarpanta na dorchai ┐ doraitne in grian `expulsae sunt tenebrae,' Lat. Lives 10.7 . trēidi inarben (innarban, v.l.) spirut forlūamnai ...: frithairi ┐ ernaigthi ┐ leubar, ZCP iii 452.21 . creitfet-sa do Crist madan-indarba-su na demna om' mogaid-si, Lat. Lives 95.9 . roindarbtha síl nĒbir i n-imlib Muman, ZCP viii 303.16 . an tí do innarp Luxcifer cona léogeónaib aingel, RC xxiv 384.10 .

(b) impels: atatáirbined su .i. du fortacht damsa `let it impel Thee,' Ml. 86c10 (gl. inpellat).

? To this: ? aicesin .i. uce indarpan .i. ni nat fire taisced diret no labradh, O'Mulc. 33.