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bél 1 lip; lips, but here usually mouth; (of a hag); (in application of an incantation); (of a witch); (term of endearment); mouth; the mouths; By metonymy person; red (raw) morsel in (the) mouth apparently of property illegally acquired or attached; Of the mouth as the source of speech; By extension word(s); subject of talk; self-judgment, -doom; unanimously 2various things resembling lips or mouth; edge, rim; mouth of cavity, orifice, opening; (used as term of endearment); edge, opening of wounds; upper of shoe 3Freq. of replacing in kingship, headship, etc. one who had the normal claim, before, in preference to, in place of; before, at, close to; on the point of; before; towards, to; over, across; out of 4With FOR (always with possessive) on the face, face downwards; face to face 5 turns to, seeks help from
Bel(l)taine time of the beginning of summer; May; first of May; `May- day',
feingc-bél contorted (?)