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ball 1 limb, member, organ (used of any portion of the body); to dismember 2 member of community3Of inanimate objects part, portion, piece; article, object; an atom, point, spot; In abstract sense, quality, faculty 4 place, spot; of a book, passage; immediately, forthwith, at once; straightway 5 spot, mark, blemish
2 bolg 1 blister; roe-corn 2 berry; bud 3 boss, ball 4 blisters; `pouch' (for gunpowder)
cáer 1 berry 2 drop (of various liquids); Of foam 3mass of cast metal (non-ferrous); a red-hot mass of slag and metal, a forged ingot (usually iron) 4 nucleus, compact mass.; play-ball , missile ball 5 meteor, thunderbolt; fireballs; spark, flame etc.
ceirtle clew, ball of thread
cluiche 1 jest, sport 2 feats of strength, feats of arms; the name of some epidemic
dub 1 black, swarthy; dark; dark (i.e. red) wine; black bile, melancholy; Of persons, swarthy of complexion or blackhaired; Of a blind person; iris or pupil (?); dark (in moral sense); dire, gloomy, melancholy:; In B. na f. great, expressing intensity;2 black pigment, esp. ink; an inkhorn; gall; oak-gall (?); dawn?3 dark and speckled; black and curling; very feeble; dark crimson; dark red; dark brown or dun; dark blue- grey, livid colour; turns livid; blue-black, intense black; dark tan- coloured; dark grey; the spleen; ball of the thumb; dark brown or dun; dark red; black-limbed (?); blackfooted; name of a plant, black maidenhair; black-toothed; plaintive-sounding; melancholy-mad (downright m.?; black-faced; black-shanked, -legged; black-eyed 4 abyss, deep; dark bondage; name of a disease (kind of jaun- dice?); part of an axe; sword; tribute; black bondage; blackthorn, sloe; crow or raven; downright perjury; obscure word; black hatred; black spear; nefarious stealing; black foreigner, Dane; black heathens, Danes; dark stream or river; black heathenism; black fluid or humour; melancholy; black vessel, name of a measure (?); dark liquid; black pool; Dublin; black exile; Of an outlaw band in general; Dane; symphytum or comfrey; penitentiary; mighty king; dark plain (?); black (crushing) defeat (?); dark design (?); dark pigment or liquid; foul weather; defiance, challenge; black fast (lasting three days); black fast, keeping a black fast 5 foul weather 6 black rod
foph a ball or boss
gló ball (?)
glúán a little ball or lump (?)
immáin 1 act of driving (trans.); Used of driving cattle, etc.; over-driving; driving (a ball); Used absol., ball-playing, hurling 2 wandering, roaming about; much riding 3In concrete sense, a drove 4 superiority, control
líathróit 1 Ball , sphere
1 mell 1a ball , sphere, round mass; pearls (?); beads; Of metal balls used as weapons; maces; tuft; Of hailstones; knops 2a round protuberance, swelling, etc.; buttocks; Esp. of lumps (swellings, impostumes, etc.) on body; throat (`Adam's apple'); a cretin
mocol 1a mesh, network, web 2a globe, sphere, round mass; Of the eye- ball; cheeks?3 a husk (of corn), shell (of fruit), pod, etc. 4a globular mass or cluster (of fruit, nuts, etc.) 5a compact body of persons, troop, band
obull an apple, hence a juggler's ball
2 pilér, (peilér) a bullet, musket-ball
1 tuinnte thread, ball of thread, clew; digression (?); a sunbeam, a gleam of light (?)
uball, ubull 1the fruit of the apple-tree, an apple; a crab-apple; wild-apple; the fruit of other trees, viz. fig and palm trees, etc.; a pomegranate; a pomegranate; a date; the fruit of the forbidden tree; apple of discord, etc. (of classical mythology); the apple of the eye : (fig.); the apple of the throat, Adam's apple 2any globular object, a ball; as an ornament to confine the hair; musical balls; feat-apples; a weapon of warfare, a missile, cannon-ball; the ball of a ( ball-and-socket) joint (Anat.); the pommel of a sword; the knob at the butt-end of a spear(?); the boss of a shield