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aistirecht bell-ringing
bardán name of Ciarán's bell
benaid 1 beats, strikes; casts (a shadow); reaches; Of hand-clappers, bells strikes, rings; Strikes (fire), lights; hews, cuts down, off; slays; wounds; Of crops cuts, reaps; gathers: (of Adam); (of turf-cutting); incises, engraves; (of drawing Ogam charac- ters); takes (away), carries off:; Of tax, tribute, etc. exacts, levies 2 takes from; (of a rescue from a castle); levies toll on; takes from; Of covering, clothing, etc.; lit. rings (a bell ) against, hence excommunicates; touches, affects; is concerned with, meddles with; forms, derives from (gramm.)
Bethechan name of Patrick's bell
bill, bell , ? bille Expld. as leper; wretch; coward (?); laughing-stock (?); feebleness; misery
bóbán calf; As name of Ciarán's bell
1 buga Name of some bright-coloured flower, hyacinth (?), bluebell (?); a kind of very green herb called blue-bell or bluebottle, a cyanus or hyacinth
buille blow, stroke; stripes; Other applications. stroke, chime of bell , clock; blast of trumpet, etc.; dart, glint?; glance of sunray, eye(s)
1 cairche 1Appar. some kind of stringed musical instrument; bell 2Of music strain
ceólán handbell; mass-bell
cloc 1 bell; bell-shaped 2Used to indicate the hour, hence clock )
clocán little bell
cluicíne little bell; A warning bell hung around a dog's neck
1 cúa 1 hollow, cavity; (empty) expanse 2 bell-shaped cup; bowl 3a nut, nutshell (?); As adj. hollow; vaulted roof (?)
doirnín handle (?) of a bell
dorn 1 hand, fist; a handful; a fight with fists; Hand as symbol; to denote seizure, possession; underhand, secretly (mod.?) 2 hand as a measure of length 3 handful (= lán duirn), small quantity 4 blow with the fist, buffet 5 handle; `the hand-can'; can with handle; Of a bell; a sword-hilt 6Exceptionally foot (of an animal) (?) 7 strong-fisted; crimson-fisted; deft-handed; hand-sword
4 eó a bell
faídech 1 lamenting, uttering plaints 2a complainer; the name of a bell belonging to St. Patrick; Of bells belonging to other saints
1 finn 1white (gen. bright white; bright, lustrous 2 fair, light-hued (of complexion, hair, etc.) 3 bright, blessed (freq. in religious poetry) 4in moral sense, fair, just, true 5of blighted corn 6adj. of color, denoting a light or bright shade; light-yellow; light auburn; lime-white, white-washed; whitewashed; fair and strong; fair and curly; fair and long (or smooth); fair and gentle; fair and comely; clear (?) and cold; whitehorned 7a milch-herd; white silver; the noble prince; white carn; blessed (?) bell; white (i.e. peeled) wattles; white (i.e. silver) pin; fine calm weather; fair word; magic (?) word; a pleasant laugh; dawn, morning; cowberry; white mist; white pearl; the small intestine; a fair stream; fair, clear spring; whitebeam (?); cooling, refreshment; refreshes; a story, a legend; white copper 8a fair-haired; Norwegians; Anglo-Norman invaders; a contemporary invader; white heathens; Norsemen; a Norwegian; the Hebrides; `fair gentiles' (Norwegians)
2 glasán 1the name of a bell 2some herb or greenstuff; salad, watercress (?)
2 íath a bell ?; a halidom ?; insignia ?
líachtaire bell-ringer
tech, teg 1 house, dwelling; makes submission to 2 householder; household; general charac- teristics, building materials, etc.; a state of darkness, ignorance; a wicker-work house; a burning house; abbots' house; armoury; privy; church; bell-tower; common house (in a monastery); dovecote; courthouse; lecture-room; bath-house; smithy; infirmary; house of the hostages (at Tara, etc.); Tara; meeting-house, reception-house; privy (?); drinking-hall; dormitory; dormitory; brothel; banqueting-hall; principal building; palace; guest-house; drinking-hall, banqueting-house; inn, hostelry; infirmary; penitentiary (in a monastery); palace; refectory; treasury, a place where valuables are kept; library (of a monastic settlement); ancestral home; oven-house; underground chamber, vault, dungeon; a house of refuge; blockhouse; farmhouse (?); oratory 3an enclosed passage; Of heaven; hell; the Seven Mansions; family, line 4 inside; home; at home; from home; from door to door; dwelling with, together with
tengae 1 tongue; the tongue considered as an organ of speech; language; an interpreter; spokesman; tongue or clapper of a bell; part of a cross (? the upright from crossbar up) 2 lingua avis, stitchwort; some part of the (calf of) the leg; an affection of this part of the leg (?)