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enechrucce, ainechrucce

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n io, m. (1 enech + ruccae)


(a) In technical legal usage a dishonour to a person consisting in injury to a relative of a certain degree, or to his tenant of a certain status: enechruice .i. enech rú cian .i. cian o inchaib atcíther a rú .i. a imdergad. enech din .i. agad crodergad [agait croderg] amail rogab mac do máthar, mac do shethar céli foissmad, céli taistil ni na bita [main anb ita] diles sectmad lógi a enig [loige enech] ind, Thr. Ir. Gl. 19 (the varr. in square brackets are added from H 3.18, 120 = O'Curry 224 ) = Corm. Y 532 (where enech...croderg is omitted and the penultimate sentence reads: ni nad bitái dilis. Leg. ní nadbi taí diles what is not thine own possession. See ZCP xv 247 ). cach gres, cach enechruice, is ḟor cintaib treisi ata `all attacks, all insults are among the offences of three days' stay' (i.e. with regard to these, distraint may be stayed for three days) Laws i 162.27 (with gl.: cach gres .i. do neoch i ndlegar lan, cach enechruice .i. o ta lan amach, .i. leth ┐ sechtmaid, 166.18 ). oenchumail i n-enechruice rig frisi mathair .uii. rig frisi foruacht (.i....oenchumail .uii. mbo doib a morfessiur inna enechgris), ZCP xv 348 .

(b) the compensation due for such dishonour; a half or a seventh of the `eneclann' of the person so dishonoured: teora fodla fuil for inchaib duine .i. enicland ┐ enechruice ┐ enechgriss (enechruice .i. i leith ┐ i sectmad, Laws v 96.6 . airer enechruice (.i. cumal enechgrisi no enechruici nama), ii 204.22 ; 206.4 (cf. 126 n.1 ). Cf. lanamnas fir tathigthe cen targud, cen urgnam; cuiced a lamthorad cuit in fir .i. in chele fri himscarad doib, arus enachruice dosum furesi insain, cia forruastar fria, ised asrirtar do de, 396 x . na teora eirce seo... .i. eneclann ┐ dire ┐ aithgin .i. eneclann ┐ enechruice ┐ enechgris iii 26.27 Comm.

B in wider sense shame, disgrace, insult: ma rogata nech do torc... ┐ ma dotī dām caem, bes enechruice duit (i.e. you will be shamed for want of provender), Laws i 122.7 . fer tri sruba; sruib tuirc fochlaid scoltas ainechruicce cach aimsir snout of a rooting hog which cleaves shamefacedness (from lack of provender) at any time iv 310.18 . Similarly: ainm cuile no scrine bis iar cul colbu, is indi bit tarsanna coema fri enechruice in which are fair savouries (as provision) against shamefacedness H 3.18, 368b = O'Curry 790 (cf. under enechgreiss cit. from Thes. ii 292 ). ind athis ┐ ind enechrucce ra immir Lamidóin formsa LL 224a27 = TTr. 512 . ba hathis...leis...Frigía do bith fó chuitbiud ┐ enechruce, TTr.² 181 . dom snādhadh... ar thenidh ifirn ┐ bratha ┐ enechruce fiadh gnūis Dē, Scúap Chr., Otia ii 96.15 .