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Forms: brib(b), Gégáin

adj (Lat. brevis). See GOI § 916. Also brib(b). short: loing in participio b.¤ in nomine (ambītus and ambitus), Sg. 187b3 . is heim anim do brib . . . bribb . . . .i. cumbair, O'Mulc. 154. ar a cindguccan (.i. long brab iffin) / a ceundgagain (.i. a Chind Geuccan), Auraic. 3465 = longa brab ifin, breib, v.l., 710n. (ref. to distinction between long vowel -é- of Gégáin and short -u- of cindguccan = cinnchucán). See cinnchucán.

Compd. ? briblu (plant-name), ZCP i 19 § 13 (`seems a compound of *brib . . . and lu for lub,' Stokes).