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Forms: escrim, escrimmim, n-escrime, escrimi

n m, n. trappings, accoutrement (apparently a comprehensive term, including general appearance, attire and arms and in some cases mount and trappings of steed): n s. maith a blath-som ┐ a escrim lée-si, YBL 211b8 . TBC-LL¹ p. 815 n. in esgrim boi im na macaib...itir ech ┐ srian ┐ etach ┐ delge, IT ii2 194.142 YBL, (= in ecusc, Eg.). d s. dotaircibe huaim-si...caeco escrimi do escrimmim sidi 190.40 Eg. co tucthar ni do etuch duit ┐ do escrimimm sidi ZCP iv 32x (= de ascedaib side, LL 248a27 ). foruasnaisiut in dunud huili cossind eiscrimmimm sin (of accoutrements adorned with gold and gems) IT iii 238.110 . docomlat as fon escrimm sin do Cruachnuib Ai, IT ii2 191.66 Eg. = cosind eiscrim sin YBL. g s. re hiongantacht a n-escrime (itir deilbh) ┐ deceltaibh, TBC-LL¹ 5631 St (possibly g p.; cf. caeco escrimi , IT ii2 190 , cited above). escraim .i. greim n-esi [sic leg. Meyer, Wortk. 170 ] luirc nó catha, O'Mulc. 454 .

ruise, ruisse, russe

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adj io,iā. red: claideb russi roindes crú, SCC 37 ( LU 3826 ). cen chorthair partaing russi without a fringe of red Parthian leather , Ériu iii 96 § 5 (Rule of Ailbe) (ruisi, ruise v.ll.). eo ruisse `red yew', Metr. Dinds. iv 330 . caeco ech finn . . . ruissi hi ccorccuir huili a scuabo ┐ a mungo with their tails and manes dyed red , IT ii2 191.56 . Cf. ruiste and ruisid, and see rondid.