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Forms: canna

n later also canna (AS canne, Stokes Metr. Gl. 54 ; late Lat. panna, GOI 570 ) can, vessel : c.¤ ainm leastair, Metr. Gl. Ff. § 55 . es-cand .i. esc uisce ┐ cand nomen ind lestair (in etymology of escconn), Corm. Y 519 . c.¤ argit `a can of silver', Thes. ii 239.18 (Ardm.). stiall a's canna do'n n-athair Ceallaich, Hard. i 156.11 .


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n a vessel for bailing or dispensing water: escconn, es-cand .i. esc uisce ┐ cand nomen ind lestair. escand [cann LB] didiu lestar bis ag dail uisci ┐ a coss tria medon, Corm. Y 519 . is escand la Brethnæ unde candæ nominatur , 568 .